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Volume 36 No 4 December 1985

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  • Information Work: The New Divorce?, Rhona Newman, Julian Newman
  • The Incongruity between Destiny and Merit: Max Weber on Meaningful Existence and Modernity, Gershon Shafir
  • Power and Resistance, J M Barbalet
  • On Economic Development and Social Mobility, John H Goldthorpe
  • Images of Barriers to Social Development in Polish Sociological Thought, Barbara A Misztal, Bronislaw Misztal
  • The Polish Dilemma: From Consensus Theory to the Reality of Control, Michalina Vaughan
  • Authority and Fission: The Protestants' Divisions, Steve Bruce
  • Rationality and Relativism: A Defence of Absolutism, Hugh V McLachlan, Michael Scott
  • Deskilling or Enskilling?: An Empirical Investigation of Recent Theories of the Labour Process, Roger Penn, Hilda Scattergood

Books reviewed

Pages 631-642

Author Title Reviewer
G Gereffi The Pharmaceutical Industry and Dependency in the Third World Ian Roxborough
Lena Jayyusi Categorization and the Moral Order John D Brewer
Cynthia Hewitt de Alcantara Anthropological Perspectives on Rural Mexico Ian Roxborough
Rosemary Crompton, Gareth Jones White-Collar Proletariat: Deskilling and Gender in Clerical Work Barbara Bagilhole
John Benyon Scarman and After: Essays Reflecting Lord Scarman's Report on the Riots and Their Aftermath Simon Holdaway
Guy Oakes Georg Simmel: On Women, Sexuality, and Love Michael Brake
Sandra Wallman Eight London Households Stewart MacPherson
Laurie Taylor In the Underworld Peter Bramham
Steve Fenton Durkheim and Modern Sociology Stjepan G Meštrović
Eric Batstone Working Order Edmund Heery
Ian Roxborough Unions and Politics in Mexico: The Case of the Automobile Industry Alan Sillitoe
Mark Cousins, Athar Hussain Michel Foucault Alan Swingewood
Tom Bottomore The Frankfurt School Alan Swingewood
Helmut R Wagner Alfred Schutz: An Intellectual Biography Alan Swingewood