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Volume 36 No 3 September 1985

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  • Erratum: Social Research in Developing Countries
  • Morality in the Evolution of the Modern Social System, Bryan R Wilson
  • The Myth of Cultural Integration, Margaret S Archer
  • Working-Class Differentiation and Men's Career Mobility, C Matthew Snipp
  • Class and Party in Australia: Comparison with Britain and the USA, Jonathan Kelley, Ian McAllister
  • Knowledge Mandates: Collective Influence by Scientific, Normative and Syncretic Professions, Terence C Halliday
  • Weber's Verstehen and the History of Qualitative Research: The Missing Link, Jennifer Platt
  • 'Rescuing Motives' Rescued: A Reply to Sharrock and Watson, Steve Bruce, Roy Wallis
  • In Defense of Relativism and the Radical Programme: A Critique of Jarvie, Paul Tibbetts

Books reviewed

Pages 477-495

Author Title Reviewer
Gillian Rose Hegel Contra Sociology Kenneth Minogue
John Western Outcast Cape Town Barry Kosmin
W G Runciman A Treatise on Social Theory Volume 1, The Methodology of Social Theory John Rex
Hugh D Barlow Introduction to Criminology A Keith Bottomley
M Q Warren Comparing Female and Male Offenders A Keith Bottomley
L C Kercher The Kenya Penal System: Past, Present and Prospect A Keith Bottomley
Ida Susser Norman Street: Poverty and Politics in an Urban Neighbourhood Ian Procter
Claude S Fischer To Dwell among Friends: Personal Networks in Town and City Ian Procter
John Harper, John Simmonds, Thelma Wilson, Maria Ziemska Assist and Befriend or Direct and Control: A Report of Probation Services in Poland and England Adrian L James
Martin Wright Making Good: Prisons, Punishment and beyond Adrian L James
James J Collins Drinking and Crime: Perspectives on the Relationships between Alcohol Consumption and Criminal Behaviour A Keith Bottomley
Peter Marsh, Anne Campbell Aggression and Violence A Keith Bottomley
Keith Bradley, Alan Gelb Worker Capitalism: The New Industrial Relations Ronald Dore
David Frisby Georg Simmel Jem Thomas
Jeffrey C Alexander Theoretical Logic in Sociology Vol 3: The Classical Attempt at Theoretical Synthesis-Max Weber Jem Thomas
Susan J Hekman Max Weber and Contemporary Social Theory Jem Thomas
Roger Jowell, Colin Airey British Social Attitudes: The 1984 Report Christopher T Husbands
William Logue Evolution of French Liberalism, 1870-1914 Jem Thomas
Gianfranco Poggi Calvinism and the Capitalist Spirit: Max Weber's Protestant Ethic Steve Bruce
Steven Box Power, Crime and Mystification Nigel Fielding
Blair Badcock Unfairly Structured Cities David McCrone