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Volume 35 No 3 September 1984


  • 'Who Reads Westermarck Today?', Knut Pipping
  • Merchant Banking Dynasties in the English Class Structure: Ownership, Solidarity and Kinship in the City of London, 1850-1960, Michael Lisle-Williams
  • Status Attainment or Job Attainment? The Effects of Sex and Class on Youth Unemployment, Richard Breen
  • Immigrants, Socio-Economic Attainment, and Politics in Australia, Jonathan Kelley, Ian McAllister
  • Class Imagery in a National Sample of Women and Men, Nicky Britten
  • What's the Point of 'Rescuing Motives'?, W W Sharrock, D R Watson

Review article

Author Title Reviewer
  Ethnic Persistence and National Transformation Anthony D Smith
John A Armstrong Nations before Nationalism Anthony D Smith
Ernest A Gellner Nations and Nationalism Anthony D Smith

Books reviewed

Pages 462-472

Author Title Reviewer
Walter D Connor Socialism, Politics and Equality: Hierarchy and Change in Eastern Europe and the USSR Nick Lampert
Craig R Littler The Development of the Labour Process in Capitalist Societies: A Comparative Study of the Transformation of Work Organisation in Britain, Japan and the USA Richard K Brown
John Scott The Upper Classes: Property and Privilege in Britain C A Rootes
J D Y Peel Ijeshas and Nigerians: The Incorporation of a Yoruba Kingdom Lucy Mair
Tom Bottomore, Patrick Goode Readings in Marxist Sociology C J Arthur
Bo Särlvik, Ivor Crewe Decade of Dealignment: The Conservative Victory of 1979 and Electoral Trends in the 1970s Christopher T Husbands
Zena Smith Blau Black Children/White Children: Competence, Socialization and Social Structure John Solomos
John Fiske Introduction to Communication Studies Roger Elbourne
A W McHoul Telling How Texts Talk: Essays on Reading and Ethnomethodology Roger Elbourne
Marga Kreckel Communicative Acts and Shared Knowledge in Natural Discourse Roger Elbourne
Michael Mann Students Encyclopaedia of Sociology Matthew Price
Frank Reeves British Racial Discourse: A Study of British Political Discourse about Race and Race-Related Matters Michael Banton
S Lukes, A Scull Durkheim and the Law Michael Gilbert
Richard Hyman, Robert Price The New Working Class? White Collar Workers and Their Organizations: A Reader Richard Jenkins