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Volume 35 No 2 June 1984

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  • Blau's Exchange Theory, Support and the Macrostructure, Patrick Spread
  • Professional Formation: The Case of Scottish Accountants, Keith M Macdonald
  • Weber before Weberian Sociology, Lawrence A Scaff
  • Weber and Direct Democracy, J J R Thomas
  • Beyond the Market: The Survival of Family Capitalism in the English Merchant Banks, Michael Lisle-Williams
  • Althusser and Structuralism, Alison Assiter

Books reviewed

Pages 297-312

Author Title Reviewer
K Marx, F Engels Collected Works of Marx and Engels Volume 16: 1858-1860 Alan Swingewood
K Marx, F Engels Collected Works of Marx and Engels Volume 17: 1859-1860 Alan Swingewood
Theodor W Adorno, Willis Domingo Against Epistemology: A Metacritique; Studies in Husserl and the Phenomenological Antinomies Steve Bruce
Leon H Mayhew Talcott Parsons on Institutions and Social Evolution Selected Writings Peter Hamilton
Chava Nachmias, David Nachmias Research Methods in the Social Sciences (Alternate Second Edition without Statistics) Martin Bulmer
Ronald J Wonnacott, Thomas H Wonnacott Statistics: Discovering Its Power Martin Bulmer
Terrell Carver Marx's Social Theory Ian Craib
Simon Clarke Marx, Marginalism and Modern Sociology: From Adam Smith to Max Weber Ian Craib
James S Coleman The Asymmetric Society Stephen Edgell
Brian Baxter Alienation and Authenticity: Some Consequences for Organised Work J E T Eldridge
Colin Crouch Trade Unions: The Logic of Collective Action J E T Eldridge
P K Edwards, Hugh Scullion The Social Organisation of Industrial Conflict: Control and Resistance in the Workplace J E T Eldridge
Dominic Strinati Capitalism, the State and Industrial Relations J E T Eldridge
C J Wrigley A History of British Industrial Relations, 1875-1914 J E T Eldridge
Charles F Sabel Work and Politics: The Division of Labor in Industry J E T Eldridge
Charles C Lemert, Garth Gillan Michel Foucault: Social Theory as Transgression Alan Swingewood
Graham Day, L Caldwell, K Jones, D Robbins, Hilary Rose Diversity and Decomposition in the Labour Market Stephen Wood
David Downes, Paul Rock Understanding Deviance: A Guide to the Sociology of Crime and Rule-Breaking Peter Bramham
John Child, Bruce Partridge Lost Managers: Supervisors in Industry and Society Peter Armstrong
James S Coleman Longitudinal Data Analysis David Reason
Jo Mortimore, Tessa Blackstone Disadvantage and Education E A Gordon
C Craig, J Rubery, R Tarling, F Wilkinson Labour Market Structure: Industrial Organisation and Low Pay Ray Richardson