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Volume 34 No 3 September 1983

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  • Intergenerational Class Mobility and the Convergence Thesis: England, France and Sweden, Robert Erikson, John H Goldthorpe, Lucienne Portocarero
  • Explaining Perceptions of Class and Racial Inequality in England and the United States of America, Robert V Robinson
  • Social Usages of the Public Drinking House: Changing Aspects of Class and Leisure, Michael A Smith
  • Kinship and Migration Strategies among Settled Londoners: Two Responses to Population Pressure, R G A Williams
  • Generation Differences in Beliefs: A Cohort Study of Stability and Change in Religious Beliefs, M E J Wadsworth, S R Freeman
  • Catholic Grievances, Catholic Nationalism: A Comment, Denis O'Hearn
  • Discrimination in Northern Ireland: A Rejoinder, Christopher Hewitt

Books reviewed

Pages 452-458

Author Title Reviewer
T Bennett, G Martin, C Mercer, J Woollacott Culture, Ideology and Social Process Alan Swingewood
C Buci-Glucksmann Gramsci and the State Alan Swingewood
L Salamini The Sociology of Political Praxis: An Introduction of Gramsci's Theory Alan Swingewood
Irving M Zeitlin Ideology and the Development of Sociology Theory 2nd Ed Nicholas Abercrombie
Karl Lowith Max Weber and Karl Marx Peter Lassman
Steve Taylor Durkheim and the Study of Suicide Peter Lassman
S Giora Shoham, Anthony Grahame Alienation and Anomie Revisited Peter Lassman
John Thompson, David Held Habermas: Critical Debates John Solomos
Simon Clarke The Foundations of Structuralism: A Critique of Lévi-Strauss and the Structuralist Movement Ian Craib
Robert Bierstedt American Sociological Theory: A Critical History John Holmwood