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Volume 34 No 2 June 1983

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  • Capitalism without Classes: The Case of Classical Rome, W G Runciman
  • Dependency, Inequality, and Development Policy: A Case from Bugisu, Uganda, S G Bunker
  • Religious Sects and the Concept of Deviance: The Mormons and the Moonies, Annette P Hampshire, James A Beckford
  • The Career of Causal Analysis in American Sociology, Christopher Bernert

Books reviewed

Pages 255-301

Author Title Reviewer
Simon Clarke The Foundations of Structuralism: A Critique of Lévi-Strauss and the Structuralist Movement Ian Craib
Robert Bierstedt American Sociological Theory: A Critical History John Holmwood
Hartmut Kaelble Historical Research on Social Mobility: Western Europe and the USA in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries Michalina Vaughan
Paul Wilkinson The New Fascists Christopher T Husbands
Bryan S Turner For Weber: Essays on the Sociology of Fate Sam Whimster
Frank Yates Sampling Methods for Censuses and Surveys D J Bartholomew
William A Belson The Design and Understanding of Survey Questions Christopher T Husbands
Fred Inglis The Promise of Happiness: Values and Meaning in Children's Literature Bridget Fowler
Bob Fryer, Alan Hunt, Doreen McBarnet, Bert Moorhouse Law, State and Society P J Wilkinson
John Eldridge Recent British Sociology Jennifer Platt
Raymond A Kent A History of British Empirical Sociology Jennifer Platt
Enzo Mingione Social Conflict and the City Faith Robertson Elliot
Marilyn Strathern Kinship at the Core Lucy Mair
Keith Bottomley, Clive Coleman Understanding Crime Rates: Police and Public Roles in the Production of Official Statistics Ken Pease
Edward Shils Tradition Peter Lassman
Patricia Springborg The Problem of Human Needs and the Critique of Civilisation Peter Lassman
David Frisby Sociological Impressionism: A Reassessment of Georg Simmel's Social Theory Ivan Oliver
Joseph R Gusfield The Culture of Public Problems: Drinking-Driving and the Symbolic Order Robert Reiner
Hilde T Himmelweit, Patrick Humphreys, Marianne Jaeger, Michael Katz How Voters Decide: A Longitudinal Study of Political Attitudes and Voting Extending Over Fifteen Years Christopher T Husbands
Lucien Goldmann Method in the Sociology of Literature Alan Swingewood
Mary Evans Lucien Goldmann: An Introduction Alan Swingewood
Gregor McLennan Marxism and the Methodologies of History John Solomos
Ruth Cavendish Women on the Line Ann Oakley
Stan Taylor The National Front in English Politics Christopher T Husbands
E A Gellner Muslim Society: Cambridge Studies in Social Anthropology Vol 23 John Davis
David Watts Pope, Norman L Weiner Modern Policing Simon Holdaway
Stephen Wood The Degradation of Work? Skill, Deskilling and the Labour Process G Salaman
Dave Harker One for the Money: Politics and Popular Song Avron White
James P McGough Fei Hsiao-Tiung: The Dilemma of a Chinese Intellectual Leslie Sklair
R David Arkush Fei Xiaotong and Sociology in Revolutionary China Leslie Sklair
C C Lemert French Sociology Rupture and Renewal Since 1968 Michalina Vaughan
Peter Sedgwick Psycho Politics Robert Bocock
Michael Shepherd Psychiatrists on Psychiatry Robert Bocock
Barry Katz Herbert Marcuse and the Art of Liberation Robert Bocock
Anthony D Smith The Ethnic Revival in the Modern World Hugh Seton-Watson
Kate Soper On Human Needs: Open and Closed Theories in a Marxist Perspective Robert Golding
James F Eder Who Shall Succeed? Agricultural Development and Social Inequality on a Philippine Frontier C W Watson
Roland Littlewood, Maurice Lipsedge Aliens and Alienists: Ethnic Minorities and Psychiatry Robert Golding
Robert Castel, Anne Lovell, Arthur Goldhammer The Psychiatric Society Robert Golding
Ronald W Maris Pathways to Suicide: A Survey of Self-Destructive Behaviors Robert Golding
Denys de Catanzaro Suicide and Self-Damaging Behavior: A Sociobiological Perspective Robert Golding
J P Burke, L Crocker, L Legters Marxism and the Good Society Alan Swingewood
J Mepham, D-H Ruben Issues in Marxist Philosophy Volume 4: Social and Political Philosophy Alan Swingewood
R Felix Geyer, D Schweitzer Alienation: Problems of Meaning, Theory and Method Alan Swingewood
G Philip Oil and Politics in Latin America Ian Roxborough
Benjamin Nelson, Toby E Huff On the Roads to Modernity-Conscience, Science and Civilizations. Selected Writings by Benjamin Nelson Krishan Kumar
Trevor Noble Structure and Change in Modern Britain Colin Crouch
G Friedman The Political Philosophy of the Frankfurt School Alan Swingewood
R Guess The Idea of a Critical Theory: Habermas and the Frankfurt School Alan Swingewood
John H Kautsky The Politics of Aristocratic Empires John Hall
H Alavi, T Shanin Introduction to the Sociology of 'Developing Societies' Ankie Hoogvelt
P W Preston Theories of Development Ankie Hoogvelt