Volume 34 No 1 March 1983

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  • Individual Action and Social Change: A No-Theory of Social Change. Hobhouse Memorial Lecture, Raymond Boudon
  • Nationalism and Classical Social Theory, Anthony D Smith
  • Scientific Achievement and the Concept of Risk, Harry R Silver
  • Rationality and Relativism, I C Jarvie
  • Rescuing Motives, Steve Bruce, Roy Wallis
  • Occupational and Industrial Transition in Social Mobility, Geoff Payne, Judy Payne
  • Is Everyone Equal before the System of Grades: Social Background and Opportunities in China, Julia Kwong
  • Rationalization of Anglo-Legal Culture: The Testimonial Oath, Richard S Willen

Books reviewed

Pages 129-156

Author Title Reviewer
David Dunkerley, Graeme Salaman The International Yearbook of Organization Studies 1979 John E T Eldridge
Mike Brake The Sociology of Youth Culture and Youth Subcultures: Sex and Drugs and Rock 'n' Roll? Glenn Turner
Z Bankowski, G Mungham Essays in Law and Society Pat Carlen
David Martin, John Orme Mills, W S F Pickering Sociology and Theology: Alliance and Conflict David Lyon
Sara Delamont The Sociology of Women: An Introduction David Bouchier
John Urry The Analysis of Capitalist Societies - The Economy, Civil Society and the State David Lee
A W Gouldner The Two Marxisms: Contradictions and Anomalies in the Development of Theory John Solomos
Harry Christian The Sociology of Journalism and the Press Geoff Rayner
Edith Kurzweil The Age of Structuralism: Lévi-Strauss to Foucault Ray Boyne
Alan Sheridan Michel Foucault: The Will to Truth Ray Boyne
David Lane Leninism: A Sociological Interpretation Martin Shaw
Ronald Fletcher Sociology: The Study of Social Systems David Francis
E J Hobsbawm Peasants in History: Essays in Honour of Daniel Thorner Leslie Sklair
Henri Savall Work and People: An Economic Evaluation of Job-Enrichment Ian Day
Joan Harbinson, Jeremy Harbinson A Society under Stress: Children and Young People in Northern Ireland David Taylor
Eamonn McCann War and an Irish Town David Taylor
Herbert Blumer Critiques of Research in the Social Sciences: An Appraisal of Thomas and Znaniecki's The Polish Peasant in Europe and America Martin Bulmer
Stephen Mennell Sociological Theory: Uses and Unities John Holmwood
Richard Price Masters, Unions and Men: Work Control in Building and the Rise of Labour 1830-1914 Ian Roxborough
Elena Yu, William T Liu Fertility and Kinship in the Philippines C W Watson
John Krige Science, Revolution and Discontinuity Peter Urbach
Tom Bottomore Modern Interpretations of Marx Alan Swingewood
Frank Bechhofer, Brian Elliott The Petite Bourgeoisie: Comparative Studies of the Uneasy Stratum Michael Mann
David Goodman, Michael Redclift From Peasant to Proletarian Ian Roxborough
Joseph Agassi Science and Society Peter Urbach
James F Short, Jr The State of Sociology: Problems and Prospects John Holmwood
Diana Pinto Contemporary Italian Sociology: A Reader Luisa Leonini
Russell Keat The Politics of Social Theory: Habermas, Freud and the Critique of Positivism Zygmunt Bauman
Susan Benson Ambiguous Ethnicity Anne Wilson