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Volume 33 No 4 December 1982


  • Morphogenesis versus Structuration: On Combining Structure and Action, Margaret S Archer
  • Intellectual Orientations and Nationalism among Leaders in an Internal Colony: A Theoretical and Comparative Perspective, Menno Boldt
  • The Boundary of the Self-Fulfilling Prophecy and the Dilemma of Social Prediction, Richard L Henshel
  • Relative Deprivation and Resource Mobilization: A Study of Early Quakerism, Stephen A Kent
  • Freud, Psychoanalysis, and Sociology: Some Observations on the Sociological Analysis of the Individual, Robert Golding
  • The Marxist Sociology of Education: A Critique, M S H Hickox
  • The Community Question: A Perspective from National Survey Data - The Case of the USA, Yung-mei Tsai; Lee Sigelman

Review article

Author Title Reviewer
  Perverse Effects and Social Contradictions: Analytical Vindication of Dialectics? Philippe Van Parijs
R Boudon La Logique du social. Introduction à l'analyse sociologique (The Logic of Social Action) Philippe Van Parijs
R Boudon Effects Pervers et Ordre Social Philippe Van Parijs
J Elster Logic and Society. Contradictions and Possible Worlds Philippe Van Parijs

Books reviewed

Pages 604-606

Author Title Reviewer
David Donnison The Good City: A Study of Urban Development and Policy in Britain Brian A Forsyth
Ruth A Wallace; Alison Wolf Contemporary Sociological Theory Ian Varcoe