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Volume 33 No 3 September 1982


  • Tom Marshall 1893-1981: A Personal Memoir, Donald G MacRae
  • Accounting for Inflation in Britain, Michael R Smith
  • The Devil, Miracles and the Afterlife: The Political Sociology of Religion in Northern Ireland, Ian McAllister
  • The Crime Control Corps: An Invisible New Deal Program, John A Pandiani
  • Durkheim and Spencer, Peter A Corning
  • Ethnic Jokes, Moral Values and Social Boundaries, Christie Davies
  • Theory and Evidence of Rising Crime in the Nineteenth Century, Lynn McDonald
  • The Structural Factor in Systems of Communication, Varda Leymore

Review article

Author Title Reviewer
  Is Capitalism Bad for Your Health? Nicky Hart
Lesley Doyal, Imogen Pennell The Political Economy of Health Nicky Hart

Books reviewed

Pages 444-453

Author Title Reviewer
Stuart Brown, John Fauvel, Ruth Finnegan Conceptions of Inquiry Sheila Roche
Richard A Zellner, E G Carmines Measurement in the Social Sciences: The Link between Theory and Data Sheila Roche
Sheldon Stryker Symbolic Interaction: A Social Structural Version Derek Layder
Geoff Esland, Graeme Salaman The Politics of Work and Occupations P W Smith
Jeremy Cherfas, Roger Lewin Not Work Alone: A Cross-Cultural View of Activities Superfluous to Survival Eric Dunning
Hugh Cunningham Leisure in the Industrial Revolution Eric Dunning
Richard Scase, Robert Goffee The Real World of the Small Business Owner Frank Bechhofer
Jenny Thornley Workers Co-operatives: Jobs and Dreams Martin Lockett
David G Pearson Race, Class and Political Activism - A Study of West Indians in Britain Sally Tomlinson
S M Lipset The Third Century: America as a Post-Industrial Society Norman Bonney