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Volume 32 No 4 December 1981


  • The Role of Guilt in the Formation of Modern Society: England 1350-1800, John Carroll
  • Symbol and Ritual under National Socialism, Simon Taylor
  • Why Don't They Revolt? 'Invisible Income' as a Neglected Dimension of Runciman's Relative Deprivation Thesis, Jason Ditton, Richard Brown
  • Changing Patterns of Women's Employment in Sociology: 1950-80, Helen Roberts, Diana Woodward
  • Sex, Power and Authority, Yael Azmon
  • Social Class and Generation Differences in Pre-School Education, M E J Wadsworth

Review article

Author Title Reviewer
  Some Aspects of the Sociology of Literature in West Germany Richard Albrecht

Books reviewed

Pages 593-606

Author Title Reviewer
Keith Dixon The Sociology of Belief: Fallacy and Foundation Barry Barnes
Gordon Marshall Presbyteries and Profits: Calvinism and the Development of Capitalism in Scotland, 1560-1707 Bryan S Turner
Ron Parsler Capitalism, Class and Politics in Scotland Frank Bechhofer
Erik Olin Wright Class Structure and Income Determination Dominic Strinati
Eva Etzioni-Halevy Political Manipulation and Administrative Power: A Comparative Study Phil Bacon
David Downes, Paul Rock Deviant Interpretations: Problems in Criminological Theory P J Wilkinson
Jason Ditton Controlology: Beyond the New Criminology David Webb
Arthur S Wilke The Hidden Professoriate: Credentialism, Professionalism, and the Tenure Crisis Celia Davies
Stephen Edgell Middle Class Couples: A Study of Segregation, Domination and Inequality in Marriage Rhona Rapoport
David G Rice Dual-Career Marriage: Conflict and Treatment Rhona Rapoport
Anton C Zijderveld On Clichés: The Supersedure of Meaning by Function in Modernity William Outhwaite
G R Madan Western Sociologists on Indian Society: Marx, Spencer, Weber, Durkheim, Pareto D F Pocock
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