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Volume 32 No 3 September 1981


  • State Autonomy and Dependent Capitalism in Latin America, Nora Hamilton
  • Immanent Critique as the Core of Critical Theory: Its Origins and Developments in Hegel, Marx and Contemporary Thought, Robert J Antonio
  • British Sociologists and Freud: A Sociological Analysis of the Absence of a Relationship, Robert Bocock
  • Catholic Grievances, Catholic Nationalism and Violence in Northern Ireland during the Civil Rights Period: A Reconsideration, Christopher Hewitt
  • The Nobel Scientists and the Origins of Scientific Achievement, Colin Berry
  • Is 'Power' an Evaluative Concept?, Hugh V McLachlan

Review article

Author Title Reviewer
  Sex, Gender and Equality: Or, the Conversion of Melford E Spiro Percy S Cohen
Melford E Spiro Gender and Culture: Kibbutz Women Revisited Percy S Cohen

Books reviewed

Pages 432-457

Author Title Reviewer
L Broom, F L Jones, P McDonnell, T Williams The Inheritance of Inequality Stan Taylor
A H Halsey, A F Heath, J M Ridge Origins and Destinations: Family, Class and Education in Modern Britain Stan Taylor
Robert Bocock, Peter Hamilton, Kenneth Thompson, Alan Waton An Introduction to Sociology Stephen Cotgrove
Adam Podgórecki, Maria Los Multi-Dimensional Sociology Colin Fletcher
Jerzy Szacki History of Sociological Thought C Ken Watkins
G Jones Social Darwinianism and English Thought: The Interaction between Biological and Social Theory Tom Young
R D Alexander Darwinism and Human Affairs Tom Young
Michael Löwy Georg Lukacs: From Romanticism to Bolshevism Howard Caygill
Derek L Phillips Equality, Justice and Rectification: An Exploration in Normative Sociology Barry Sandywell
Robert A Georges, Michael O Jones People Studying People: The Human Element in Fieldwork Jennifer Platt
Julia A Sherman, Evelyn Torton Beck The Prism of Sex: Essays in the Sociology of Knowledge Lucy Bland
Ann Cartwright The Dignity of Labour? A Study of Childbearing and Induction Helen Roberts
Ann Oakley Becoming a Mother Helen Roberts
Ann Oakley Women Confined: Towards a Sociology of Childbirth Helen Roberts
B Rogers The Domestication of Women: Discrimination in Developing Societies Ruth Taplin
Peter Saunders Urban Politics: A Sociological Interpretation David McCrone
Michael Peter Smith The City and Social Theory Brian A Forsyth
David Montgomery Workers' Control in America Norman Bonney
Ellen Turkish Comisso Workers' Control under Plan and Market Norman Bonney
Andrew Zimbalist  Case Studies on the Labor Process Stephen Wood
Richard Edwards Contested Terrain Stephen Wood
Stewart Clegg The Theory of Power and Organization J E T Eldridge
Colin Crouch State and Economy in Contemporary Capitalism John Scott
G Burrell, G Morgan Sociological Paradigms and Organizational Analysis: Elements of the Sociology of Corporate Life P A Clark
Glasgow University Media Group More Bad News Jeremy Tunstall