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Volume 31 No 4 December 1980

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  • Pluralist and Marxist Perspectives on Racial Discrimination in South Africa, Daiva K Stasiulis
  • Sovereignty, Interests and Bureaucracy in the Modern State, Tom Burns
  • State/Economy Relationships: The Case of Italian Public Enterprise, Marco Maraffi
  • Sex and Crime: The Results of a Self-Report Study, Rob Mawby
  • The Dog in the Night-Time: Negative Evidence in Social Research, George H Lewis, Jonathan F Lewis
  • Naturalistic and Sociological Models of the Problem of Scientific Discovery, Augustine Brannigan
  • Radical Organization Theory - A Critical Comment, David A Bradley, Roy Wilkie
  • Correspondence, Trevor Noble

Books reviewed

Pages 582-608

Author Title Reviewer
Frank Parkin Marxism and Class Theory: A Bourgeois Critique Gavin Mackenzie
Anthony P M Coxon, Charles L Jones The Images of Occupational Prestige: A Study in Social Cognition Trevor W Jones
Anthony P M Coxon, Charles L Jones Class and Hierarchy: The Social Meanings of Occupations Trevor W Jones
Anthony P M Coxon, Charles L Jones Measurement and Meanings: Techniques and Methods of Studying Occupational Cognition Trevor W Jones
Paul Rabinow, William M Sullivan Interpretive Social Science: A Reader R J Anderson
Howard Schwartz, Jerry Jacobs Qualitative Sociology: A Method to the Madness R J Anderson
Eugene Kamenka, Martin Krygier Bureaucracy: The Career of a Concept R B Ferguson
J Larrain The Concept of Ideology Nicholas Abercrombie
Michele Barrett, Philip Corrigan, Annette Kuhn, Janet Wolff Ideology and Cultural Production R J Tristram
John Scott Corporations, Classes and Capitalism Frank Longstreth
Howard Newby Green and Pleasant Land? Keith Tribe
Howard Newby, Colin Bell, David Rose, Peter Saunders Property, Paternalism and Power Keith Tribe
Fiona McNally Women for Hire: A Study of the Female Office Worker Pauline Hunt
R M Blackburn, Michael Mann The Working Class in the Labour Market David Boddy
Barbara Raffel Price Police Professionalism V L Allen
Robert Reiner The Blue-Coated Worker: A Sociological Study of Police Unionism V L Allen
Ian Gough The Political Economy of the Welfare State Roger V Seifert
Norman Ginsburg Class, Capital and Social Policy Roger V Seifert
Robert Pinker The Idea of Welfare Ray Jones
G William Skinner The Study of Chinese Society. Essays by Maurice Freedman Stephan Feuchtwang
Guy Hermet, Richard Rose, Alain Rouquie Elections without Choice Robert Dowse
Vivien Hart Distrust and Democracy: Political Distrust in Britain and America Stephen Burman
Michael Billig Fascists: A Social Psychological View of the National Front David McCrone
Andrew L Friedman Industry and Labour: Class Struggle at Work and Monopoly Capitalism Christopher T Husbands
V Navarro Class Struggle, the State and Medicine: An Historical and Contemporary Analysis of the Medical Sector in Great Britain
Nicky Hart
A T Scull Museums of Madness: The Social Organization of Insanity in 19th Century England Shulamit Ramon
John Orr Tragic Realism and Modern Society: Studies in the Sociology of the Modern Novel Raman Selden
David Martin A General Theory of Secularization Robert Towler