Volume 31 No 1 March 1980


  • Work Instrumentalism Reconsidered: A Replication of Goldthorpe's Luton Project, Malcolm H MacKinnon
  • Popper, Positivism and Ethnomethodology, Nicholas Tilley
  • The Ethics of Covert Methods, Roger Homan
  • Comment on 'The Ethics of Covert Methods', Martin Bulmer
  • Popper, Marxism and the Nature of Social Laws, Hugh V McLachlan
  • Sociological Thought in Emile Durkheim and George Fitzhugh, Sharon S Mayes
  • Recruitment to Teaching in the Years of Expansion, Trevor Noble, Bridget Pymn

Review article

Author Title Reviewer
  Manuel Castells and the New Urban Sociology Brian Elliott
Manuel Castells City, Class and Power Brian Elliott
Manuel Castells The Urban Question: A Marxist Approach Brian Elliott
Manuel Castells, Francis Godard Monopolville: L'enpreprise, l'etat, l'urbain Brian Elliott

Books reviewed

Pages 110-150

Author Title Reviewer
Thomas McCarthy The Critical Theory of Jürgen Habermas Gillian Rose
Zygmunt Bauman Hermeneutics and Social Science H P Rickman
Laurie Spurling Phenomenology and the Social World: The Philosophy of Merleau-Ponty and Its Relation to the Social Sciences Raymond G Matura
Annette Kuhn, Ann Marie Wolpe Feminism and Materialism: Women and Modes of Production Ann Oakley
Theo Nichols, Huw Beynon Living with Capitalism: Class Relations and the Modern Factory Tony Elger
Pierre Macherey A Theory of Literary Production Terry Lovell
Syed Hussein Alatas Intellectuals in Developing Societies V G Kiernan
Ronald Dore The Diploma Disease: Education, Qualification and Development V G Kiernan
Peter C W Gutkind, Peter Waterman African Social Studies; A Radical Reader Aidan Foster-Carter
Peter C W Gutkind, Immanuel Wallerstein The Political Economy of Contemporary Africa Aidan Foster-Carter
Sandra Wallman Perceptions of Development Emanuel de Kadt
Nicos Mouzelis Modern Greece, Facets of Underdevelopment Salvador Giner
Marie R Haug, Jacques Dofny Work and Technology Stephen Cotgrove
Ralf Dahrendorf Scientific-Technological Revolution Stephen Cotgrove
Stuart S Blume Perspectives in the Sociology of Science H M Collins
Everett Mendelsohn, Peter Weingart, Richard Whitley The Social Production of Scientific Knowledge H M Collins
Peter Woods, Martyn Hammersley School Experience Ian Lister
Phillip McCann Popular Education and Socialization in the Nineteenth Century Peter Martin
John Eggleston The Sociology of the School Curriculum Peter Martin
Bob Blood, Margaret Blood Marriage C C Harris
Nicky Hart When Marriage Ends: A Study in Status Passage C C Harris
Roger O'Toole The Precipitous Path: Studies in Political Sects Roy Wallis
Stewart Ranson, Alan Bryman, Bob Hinings Clergy, Minister and Priests M Monroe Wright
Peter E Glasner The Sociology of Secularization. A Critique of a Concept James A Beckford
Dell Hymes Foundations of Sociolinguistics: An Ethnographic Approach J K A Thomaneck
Rosabeth Moss Kanter Men and Women of the Corporation Allen Bluedorn
Jason Ditton Part-Time Crime: An Ethnography of Fiddling and Pilferage Gerald Mars
Georg Simmel, Tom Bottomore, David Frisby The Philosophy of Money Simon Smelt
S Herbert Frankel Money: Two Philosophies (The Conflict of Trust and Authority) Simon Smelt
William Julius Wilson The Declining Significance of Race: Blacks and Changing American Institutions Michael Banton
Michael Lewis The Culture of Inequality Michael Banton
Suzanne de Brunhoff Marx on Money Paul Hirst
Suzanne de Brunhoff State, Capital and Economic Policy Paul Hirst
Pierre Vilar A History of Gold and Money Paul Hirst
David Tuckett, Joseph M Kaufert Basic Readings in Medical Sociology Margaret Stacey
John Ehrenreich The Cultural Crisis of Modern Medicine Noel Parry
Fred H Matthews Quest for an American Sociology: Robert E Park and the Chicago School Barbara Ballis Lal
Philip Abrams, E A Wrigley Towns in Societies: Essays in Economic History and Historical Sociology Rosemary Mellor
Sammy Smooha Israel: Pluralism and Conflict Avishai Ehrlich
Robert Alun Jones Research in Sociology of Knowledge, Sciences and Art: An Annual Compilation of Research Richard Whitley
D Sudnow Ways of the Hand: The Organization of Improvised Conduct A J Wootton
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