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Volume 30 No 4 Special Issue. Current Research on Social Stratification, December 1979

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  • Class Formation and Class Consciousness: A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis with Reference to Britain and Sweden, John D Stephens
  • Intergenerational Class Mobility in Three Western European Societies: England, France and Sweden, Robert Erikson, John H Goldthorpe, Lucienne Portocarero
  • Alienation and Interests in the Analysis of Social Cognitions, Kenneth Prandy
  • Urbanization and the Rural Class Structure: Reflections on a Case Study, Howard Newby
  • Social Radicalism in the French and British Working Classes: Some Points of Comparison, Duncan Gallie

Books reviewed

Pages 525-546

Author Title Reviewer
Barrington Moore, Jr Injustice: The Social Bases of Obedience and Revolt Gianfranco Poggi
Duncan Gallie In Search of the New Working Class: Automation and the Social Integration within the Capitalist Enterprise Bryn Jones
Paul Willis Learning to Labour: How Working Class Kids Get Working Class Jobs Tony Jefferson
D N Ashton, David Field Young Workers: From School to Work Tony Jefferson
David Robins, Philip Cohen Knuckle Sandwich: Growing up in the Working Class City Tony Jefferson
Paul D Montagna Occupations and Society: Towards a Sociology of the Labour Market R M Blackburn
Anthony P Coxon, Charles L Jones The Images of Occupational Prestige: A Study in Social Cognition David J Corry
Fred Hirsch, John H Goldthorpe The Political Economy of Inflation Rosemary Crompton
Jerry Gaston The Reward System in British and American Science Stephen Cotgrove
Francis Fox Priven, Richard A Cloward Poor People's Movements: Why They Succeed, How They Fail John Cowley
Doreen Massey, Alejandrina Catalano Capital and Land: Landownership by Capital in Great Britain C G Pickvance
William K Tabb, Larry Sawers Marxism and the Metropolis: New Perspectives in Urban Political Economy C G Pickvance
Janet Zollinger Giele, Audrey C Smock Women: Roles and Status in Eight Countries Betty R Scharf
Julian Pitt-Rivers The Fate of Shechem, or the Politics of Sex Betty R Scharf
Alice Schlegel Sexual Stratification: A Cross-Cultural View Betty R Scharf
Roberta Hamilton The Liberation of Women: A Study of Patriarchy and Capitalism Betty R Scharf
J Marceau Class and Status in France: Economic Change and Social Immobility Michalina Vaughan
Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies On Ideology John Scott
C P Middendorp Progressiveness and Conservatism: The Fundamental Dimensions of Ideological Controversy and Their Relationship to Social Class John Scott
Alan Swingewood The Myth of Mass Culture Jean Seaton
Derek Gill Illegitimacy, Sexuality and the Status of Women Mike Brake
George W Brown, Tirril Harris Social Origins of Depression: A Study of Psychiatric Disorders in Women Joan Busfield
Barrie Stacey Political Socialization in Western Society Robert E Dowse
Salvador Giner, Margaret Scotford Archer Contemporary Europe: Social Structures and Cultural Patterns Ralf Dahrendorf