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Volume 30 No 3 September 1979


  • Talcott Parsons: 1902-1979, David Martin
  • The Limits of Reformism: Parliamentary Socialism and the Marxist Theory of the State, José M Maravall
  • The Curious Case of the English Intelligentsia, John A Hall
  • More than a Version: A Study of Reality Creation, Ernest Cashmore
  • Women without Men: Domestic Organization and the Welfare State as Seen in a Coastal Community of Puerto Rico, Lydia Morris
  • Towards Typology of Ethnic Processes, Yu V Bromley
  • Witchcraft and the Status of Women: A Comment, J K Swales, Hugh V McLachlan
  • The Uniqueness of English Witchcraft: A Matter of Numbers?, Alan Anderson, Raymond Gordon

Research note

  • Work Orientation of the Flemish Working People: Methodology and Preliminary Results, Eric Rosseel

Books reviewed

Pages 373-387

Author Title Reviewer
Norbert Elias The Civilizing Process: The History of Manners Tom Burns
Anthony Giddens Studies in Social and Political Theory Kenneth Thompson
Roland Robertson Meaning and Change: Explorations in the Cultural Sociology of Modern Societies Zygmunt Bauman
Adam Kuper The Social Anthropology of Radcliffe-Brown Lucy Mair
Anthony Skillen Ruling Illusions John Torrance
Michael Brenner, Peter Marsh, Marylin Brenner The Social Contexts of Method Ray Kent
Alfred Sohn-Rethel Intellectual and Manual Labour: A Critique of Epistemology R M Heckstall-Smith
G Littlejohn, B Smart, J Wakeford, N Yuval-Davis Power and the State Roger Penn
James A Geschwender Class, Race, and Worker Insurgency David Bouchier
Margaret Levi Bureaucratic Insurgency: The Case of Police Unions Robert Reiner
Samuel Walker A Critical History of Police Reform Robert Reiner
Gugliemo Carchedi On the Economic Identification of Social Classes Harvie Ramsay
Carol Smart, Barry Smart Women, Sexuality and Social Control Sara Delamont
Susan Lipshitz Tearing the Veil: Essays on Femininity Sara Delamont