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Volume 30 No 2 June 1979


  • Problems in Accounting for the Individual in Marxist-Rationalist Theoretical Discourse, Derek Layder
  • Strikes, Industrial Relations and Class Conflict in Capitalist Societies, Walter Korpi, Michael Shalev
  • Purity in Danger: A Survey of Participants in a Moral-Crusade Rally, Roy Wallis, Richard Bland
  • The Symbolism of the Father - A Freudian Sociological Analysis, Robert J Bocock
  • Opposition to the Common Market in England and Scotland, John J Ray
  • Correspondence, Craig A Smith, Craig Jenks

Review article

Author Title Reviewer
  Reification and Reconstruction in Current German Sociology W Baldamus

Books reviewed

Pages 237-234

Author Title Reviewer
Ray Holland Self and Social Context Graeme Salaman
Jack D Douglas, John M Johnson Existential Sociology Ian Craib
P R Gleichman, J Goudsblom, H Korte Human Figurations: Essays for Norbert Elias Duncan Mitchell
Colin Bell, Howard Newby Doing Sociological Research Peter Fairbrother
David R Heise Sociological Methodology 1977 D J Bartholomew
P Krishnan Mathematical Models of Sociology D J Bartholomew
R B Coats, A Parkin Computer Models in the Social Sciences D J Bartholomew
Alan MacFarlane Reconstructing Historical Communities J A Banks
A Cutler, B Hindess, P Hirst, A Hussain Marx's Capital and Capitalism Today Scott M Lash
A Hunt Class and Class Structure Dominic Strinati
Richard Sennett, Jonathan Cobb The Hidden Injuries of Class Colin Fletcher
Rosemary Crompton, Jon Gubbay Economy and Class Structure Michael Poole
André Béteille Inequality among Men Michael Banton
Zenon Bankowski, Geoff Mungham Images of Law Keith Soothill
Andrew T Scull Decarceration: Community Treatment and the Deviant - A Radical View Stan Cohen
Carol Tavris, Carole Offir The Longest War, Sex Difference in Perspective Sarah Fildes
John Woodward, David Richards Health Care and Popular Medicine in Nineteenth Century England N D Jewson
Vicente Navarro Medicine under Capitalism Ronald Frankenberg
Kenneth MacKinnon Language, Education and Social Processes in a Gaelic Community J K A Thomaneck
S Bowles, H Gintis Schooling in Capitalist America B R Cosin
Pierre Bourdieu, Jean-Claude Passeron Reproduction in Education, Society and Culture Michael Erben
Gerald Bernbaum Knowledge and Ideology in the Sociology of Education Ian Lister
Maurice Punch Progressive Retreat: A Sociological Study of Dartington Hall School and Some of Its Former Pupils Colin Love
John Carroll Puritan, Paranoid, Remissive: A Sociology of Modern Culture Graham Howes
Susan Budd Varieties of Unbelief: Atheists and Agnostics in English Society 1850-1960 James A Beckford
Maxwell Owusu Colonialism and Change: Essays Presented to Lucy Mair J A Barnes
Philip Abrams, Andrew McCulloch Communes, Sociology and Society Barry Shenker
Paul Wiles The Sociology of Crime and Delinquency in Britain Volume 2 Brian Hipkin