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Volume 3 No 4 December 1952


  • Psycho-Analysis and Ethics, Morris Ginsberg 
  • Distribution of Income within the Family, Michael Young
  • Social Control in Cicero, William Gremley
  • Social Differentiation in Co-operative Communities, Y Talmon-Garbier
  • The Open Society-A Comment, E H Gombrich

Research note

  • Married Women in the Higher Grades of the Civil Service and Government Sponsored Research Organizations, Margot Jefferys
  • Louis Wirth: An Obituary, Philip M Hauser

Books reviewed

Pages 360-378

Author Title Reviewer
David Riesman The Lonely Crowd Barbara Wootton
C Wright Mills White Collar Barbara Wootton
R Mukerjee The Social Structure of Values A Macbeath
R Mukerjee The Dynamics of Morals A Macbeath
Kurt Lewin Field Theory in Social Science H J Eysenck
R H Tawney Equality Margaret Cole
W A Robson Problems of Nationalized Industry T Balogh
T Ferguson, J Cunnison The Young Wage-Earner. A Study of Glasgow Boys E H Phelps Brown
Joseph Goldstein The Government of British Trade Unions D G MacRae
Arnold M Rose Union Solidarity D G MacRae
Margaret B Simey Charitable Effort in Liverpool in the Nineteenth Century R C Chambers
Edwin Powers, Helen Witmer An Experiment in the Prevention of Delinquency John Spencer

Book notes

Author Title Reviewer
E O James Marriage and Society B R H
Caryl P Haskins Of Societies and Men G M