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Volume 3 No 3 September 1952


  • Principia Sociologica, W J H Sprott
  • Two Studies in the Middle Class Vote: I-The Middle Class Elector, John Bonham
  • Two Studies in the Middle Class Vote 2: Social Status and Electoral Choice in Two Constituencies, F M Martin
  • The Welsh Religious Revival, 1904-5, C R Williams

Review article

Author Title Reviewer
H J Laski Laski and the Social Bases of the Constitution R T Mackenzie
H J Laski Reflections on the Constitution R T Mackenzie
H J Laski Parliamentary Government in England R T Mackenzie
K R Popper The Open Society and Its Enemies John Plamenatz

Books reviewed

Pages 274-285

Author Title Reviewer
Robert K Merton; Ailsa P Gray;
Barbara Hockey; Hanan C Selvin
Reader in Bureaucracy W A Robson
Howard W Odum American Sociology: The Story of Sociology in the United States to 1950 D G Macrae
Georges Friedmann Où va le travail humain? W Baldamus
J L Moreno Sociometry, Experimental Method and the Science of Society Zevedei Barbu, R W Pickford
Georges Gurvitch La Vocation Actuelle de la Sociologie Michael Banton
Julian H Steward Area Research: Theory and Practice J M Mogey
Ian Hogbin Transformation Scene-The Changing Culture of a New Guinea Village Maurice Freedman
G W B Huntingford Nandi Work and Culture P H Gulliver
E Sylvia Pankhurst Ex-Italian Somaliland F B Steiner
Henderson H Donald The Negro Freedman S F Collins
E H Cluver Social Medicine Richard M Titmuss
K D Benne, B Muntyan Human Relations in Curriculum Change Gerald Collier
A I Gordon Jews in Transition Howard Brotz
Alan T Peacock The Economics of National Insurance Paul Streeten
Walter Weddigen Wirtschaftsethik Paul Streeten
W H Clegg Industrial Democracy and Nationalization R C Chambers
Ernest V Hollis, Alice L Taylor Social Work Education in the United States Marjorie J Smith

Book notes

Author Title Reviewer
M Penelope Hall The Social Services of Modern England G W
T Lynn Smith, C A McMahon The Sociology of Urban Life: A Textbook with Readings L K
J Comhaire Urban Conditions in Africa L K
P G Gray, T Corlett, Pamela Frankland The Register of Electors as a Sampling Frame E G
World Health Organization Annual Epidemiological and Vital Statistics, 1939-1946. Part I Vital Statistics and Causes of Death E G
Gordon Rattray Taylor Are Workers Human? A T