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Volume 3 No 2 June 1952


  • Technological Change and Human Relations, Georges Friedmann
  • A Letter to E E Evans-Pritchard, L Lévy-Bruhl
  • The Racial Philosophy of Johann Herder, Cedric Dover
  • Prestige of Occupations, A F Davies
  • The Views of Adolescents on Some Aspects of the Social Class Structure, H T Himmelweit, A H Halsey, A N Oppenheim

Review article

Author Title Reviewer
Theodor Geiger Social Stratification in Denmark Jean Floud

Books reviewed

Pages 178-201

Author Title Reviewer
  Full Employment-A Discussion of Some Recent Literature:

New Fabian Essays

Wages Policy under Full Employment

'Wages Policy in Great Britain', Lloyds Bank Review

The New Society

Productivity and Trade Unions

Julius Gould
R H S Crossman Julius Gould
R Turvey, E Lundberg, R Meidner,
G Rehn, K Wickman
Julius Gould
E H Phelps-Brown, B C Roberts Julius Gould
P F Drucker Julius Gould
F Zweig Julius Gould
George C Homans The Human Group T H Marshall
Jacques J Maquet Sociologie de la Connaissance John Erös
Joseph Needham Human Law and the Laws of Nature in China and the West O Berkelbach van der Sprenkel
E E Evans-Pritchard Kinship and Marriage among the Nuer P H Gulliver
William J Goode Religion among the Primitives Godfrey Lienhardt
Committee of the Royal Anthropological
Institute of Great Britain and Ireland
Notes and Queries on Anthropology H S Morris
Brewton Berry Race Relations: The Interaction of Ethnic and Racial Groups Hilda Kuper
C P Mountford Brown Men and Red Sand O H K Spate
R Soltau Introduction to Politics R Miliband
S M Lipset Agrarian Socialism R T McKenzie
F Zweig Productivity and Trade Unions E H Phelps-Brown
Acton Society Trust Training and Promotion in Nationalized Industry P J O Self
E T O Slater, M Woodside Patterns of Marriage: A Study of Marriage Relationships in the Urban Working Classes B R Hinchliff
Kenneth Smith The Malthusian Controversy Asa Briggs
C P Blacker Eugenics: Galton and after Asa Briggs
Norval Morris The Habitual Criminal D H Stott
W Friedmann Law and Social Change in Contemporary Britain L C B Gower
G W Keeton, G Schwarzenberger Current Legal Problems 1951 C Grunfeld
J-C-L Simonde de Sismondi, George Sotiroff Nouveaux Principes d'Économie Politique, ou de la richesse dans ses rapports avec la population G D H Cole
Emil Korner The Law of Freedom as the Remedy for War and Poverty Paul Streeten
B C Brookes, W F L Dick Introduction to Statistical Method C A Moser
U N O Yearbook on Human Rights for 1949 S A de Smith
U N O Freedom of Information S A de Smith

Book notes

Author Title Reviewer
Acton Society Trust Nationalized Industry - The Future of the Unions B C R
José Mallart Lo que se espera de la Profesiología B R W
José Mallart Por una seguridad social active B R W
Sylvia D Lawler, L J Lawler Human Blood Groups and Inheritance G S B