Volume 3 No 1 March 1952

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  • The Field, Methods, and Problems of the Basic Personality School, Roger Bastide
  • Some Non-Academic Factors Influencing University Studies, R R Dale
  • Social Processes Integrating Coloured People in Britain, Sidney Collins
  • John Millar, Historical Sociologist: Some Remarkable Anticipations of Modern Sociology, Wm C Lehmann
  • Democracy in Private Government (A Case Study of the International Typographical Union), Seymour M Lipset
  • The Historical Pattern of Psycho-Analysis, Z Barbu
  • Is It Possible to Prove Any General Statements about Historical Fact?, L F Richardson

Books reviewed

Pages 85-93

Author Title Reviewer
Karl Mannheim Freedom, Power and Democratic Planning Lindsay of Birker
David Mitrany Marx against the Peasant Henry Hamilton
Armand Cuvillier Manuel de Sociologie W J H Sprott
Leo Silberman Analysis of Society K G Collier
Robert C Cook Human Fertility Norma McArthur
A T Welford Skill and Age-An Experimental Approach R C Chambers
G Thomas, B Osborne Older People and Their Employment R C Chambers
Nathan W Shock Trends in Gerontology R C Chambers
N W Shock A Classified Bibliography of Gerontology and Geriatrics R C Chambers
J Bowlby Maternal Care and Mental Health James Douglas