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Volume 29 No 4 Special Issue. Contemporary Britain: Aspects and Approaches, December 1978

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  • A State of De-Subordination, Ralph Miliband
  • Structure, Consciousness and Action: A Sociological Profile of the British Middle Class, Frank Bechhofer, Brian Elliott, David McCrone
  • Comment, John H Goldthorpe
  • From Donovan to Where? Interpretations of Industrial Relations in Britain Since 1968, Richard K Brown
  • Comment, Richard Hyman
  • Race Relations in Britain, Robin H Ward
  • Comment, Robert Moore
  • Promise and Performance in British Criminology, David Downes
  • Comment, Anthony Bottoms

Books reviewed

Pages 506-533

Author Title Reviewer
HMSO The General Household Survey 1974 Keith Hope
Richard Scase Social Democracy in Capitalist Society: Working Class Politics in Britain and Sweden John Westergaard
K Roberts, F G Cook, S C Clark, Elizabeth Semeonoff The Fragmentary Class Structure Alan Hunt
Stuart Hall, Chas Critcher, Tony Jefferson, John Clark, Brian Roberts

Policing the Crisis: Mugging, the State, and Law and Order

Robert Reiner
Stuart Hall, Tony Jefferson Resistance Through Rituals David Marsland
Colin Crouch Class Conflict and the Industrial Relations Crisis Bob Jessop
M Bulmer Mining and Social Change Robert Moore
Eric Batstone, Ian Boraston, Stephen Frankel Shop Stewards in Action: The Organisation of Workplace Conflict and Accommodation Roderick Martin
Eric Batstone, Ian Boraston, Stephen Frankel The Social Organization of Strikes Roderick Martin
Stephen Hill The Dockers: Class and Tradition in London Richard Brown
Sheila Allen, Stuart Bentley, Joanna Bornat Work, Race and Immigration Barbara Littlewood
Douglas E Schoen Enoch Powell and the Powellites Robert Moore
Catherine Jones Immigration and Social Policy in Britain Robert Moore
Michael Banton The Idea of Race Chris Mullard
Trevor R Lee Race and Residence: The Concentration and Dispersal of Immigrants in London John M Goering
Trygve R Tholfsen Working Class Radicalism in Mid-Victorian England J A Banks
Geoffrey Crossick The Lower Middle Class in Britain 1870-1914 J A Banks
Allan A MacLaren Social Class in Scotland: Past and Present John Foster
Robert Q Gray The Labour Aristocracy in Victorian Edinburgh John Foster
Michael Hechter Internal Colonialism; The Celtic Fringe in British National Development, 1536-1966 J A Jackson
Tom Nairn The Break-up of Britain: Crisis and Neo-Nationalism Michael Mann
Diana Leonard Barker, Sheila Allen Sexual Divisions and Society: Process and Change Chris Middleton
Diana Leonard Barker, Sheila Allen Dependence and Exploitation in Work and Marriage Chris Middleton
M Stacey, M Reid, C Heath, R Dingwall Health and the Division of Labour Margaret Versluysen
J Parry, N Parry The Rise of the Medical Profession Margaret Versluysen