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Volume 29 No 3 September 1978

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  • Rites of Rulers, Robert E Goodin
  • Patronage and Bureaucratic Control--The Case of the Naval Officer in English Society 1780-1850, Christopher Dandeker
  • Militarism and Militarization in the Public Schools, 1900-1972, C B Otley
  • Race, Religiosity and Political Activism: Some Observations on West Indian Participation in Britain, David G Pearson
  • Styles of Thought: Science, Romanticism and Modernization, Stephen Cotgrove
  • Comment, Richard Bland, C James Richardson

Books reviewed

Pages 376-398

Author Title Reviewer
Richard J Bernstein The Restructuring of Social and Political Theory John A Hughes
J Winckelmann Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft: Grundriss der verstehenden Soziologie, Max Weber Gianfranco Poggi
Ted Benton Philosophical Foundations of the Three Sociologies Mark Mitchell
Julia R Schwendinger, Herman Schwendinger The Sociologists of the Chair: A Radical Analysis of the Formative Years of North American Sociology (1883-1922) Larry T Reynolds
Peter Collett Social Rules and Social Behaviour Wes Sharrock
Bogdan D Denitch The Legitimation of a Revolution: The Yugoslav Case John B Allcock
Vera S Dunham In Stalin's Time: Middleclass Values in Soviet Fiction Alan Swingewood
John R Earle, Dean D Knudsen, Donald W Shriver Spindles and Spires: A Re-Study of Religion and Social Change in Gastonia Roy Wallis
S J Tambiah World Conqueror and World Renouncer: A Study of Buddhism and Polity in Thailand against a Historical Background Bryan S Turner
Bryan R Wilson The Noble Savages: The Primitive Origins of Charisma and Its Contemporary Survival Roger O'Toole
Stephen Sharot Judaism: A Sociology Betty R Scharf
J V Ferreira, S S Jha The Outlook Tower: Essays on Urbanization in Memory of Patrick Geddes R E Pahl
John Walton, Louis H Masotti The City in Contemporary Perspective: Cross-National Research and New Directions in Theory R E Pahl
Jean Donnison Midwives and Medical Men: A History of Inter-Professional Rivalries and Women's Rights Eva Gamarnikow
E K Francis Inter-Ethnic Relations: An Essay in Sociological Theory Duncan Scott
Louis E Davis, Albert B Cherns The Quality of Working Life Kenneth Roberts
H A Clegg Trade Unionism under Collective Bargaining: A Theory Based on Comparison of Six Countries Stephen Wood
Stanley Parker The Sociology of Leisure K Roberts
D M Downes, B P Davies, M E David, P Stone Gambling, Work and Leisure: A Study across Three Areas K Roberts
D B Cornish Gambling: A Review of the Literature K Roberts
W R Rosengren, M S Bassis The Social Organisation of Nautical Education B Nolan