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Volume 29 No 2 June 1978

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  • The Dominant Ideology Thesis, Nicholas Abercrombie, Bryan S Turner
  • Witchcraft and the Status of Women -- The Case of England, Alan Anderson, Raymond Gordon
  • Understanding Taylorism, Craig R Littler
  • Understanding Taylorism: Some Comments, John E Kelly
  • Attitudes towards Political Independence in Jamaica after Twelve Years of Nationhood, Robert V Robinson, Wendell Bell
  • The Diffusion of Nationalism: Some Historical and Sociological Perspectives, A D Smith
  • Accounting for Conversion, James A Beckford

Books reviewed

Pages 263-279

Author Title Reviewer
S N Eisenstadt The Form of Sociology: Paradigms and Crises Eric Dunning
Robert Nisbet Sociology as an Art Form Eric Dunning
Zygmunt Bauman Towards a Critical Sociology: An Essay on Commonsense and Emancipation Eric Dunning
T B Bottomore Sociology as Social Criticism Eric Dunning
P Q Hirst Social Evolution and Sociological Categories M S Whimster
Ian Craib Existentialism and Sociology: A Study of Jean-Paul Sartre Barry Smart
Derek L Phillips Wittgenstein and Scientific Knowledge: A Sociological Perspective David Angluin
R Holmes Legitimacy and the Politics of the Knowable R J Bocock
Martin Bulmer Sociological Research Methods: An Introduction Ray Kent
Alfred Willener, Guy Milliard, Alex Ganty Videology and Utopia: Explorations in a New Medium John Marshall
Richard L Sklar Corporate Power in an African State: The Political Impact of Multinational Mining Companies in Zambia Harold Wolpe
Frederick A Johnstone Class, Race and Gold: A Study of Class Relations and Racial Discrimination in South Africa Harold Wolpe
Charles van Onselen Chibaro: African Mine Labour in Southern Rhodesia, 1900-1933 Harold Wolpe
Bernard Lewis Faber The Social Structure of Eastern Europe. Transition and Process in Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Yugoslavia J M Kolankiewicz
Claus Offe Industry and Inequality Frank Longstreth
K D Knorr, H Strasser, H G Zilian Determinants and Controls of Scientific Development Mario Santuccio
G Whitty, M F D Young Explorations in the Politics of School Knowledge Gerald Bernbaum
M F D Young, G Whitty Society, State and Schooling Gerald Bernbaum
G Whitty, D Gleeson Sociology: The Choice at A-Level Gerald Bernbaum