Volume 29 No 1 March 1978


  • Erratum: T H Green, The Oxford Philosophy of Duty and the English Middle Class (1 p)
  • Critical Social Theory: An Introduction and Critique, John P Scott
  • The Importance of Agrarian Classes: Agrarian Class Structure and Collective Action in Nineteenth-Century Ireland, Samuel Clark
  • Forms of Tenure and Social Structure: A Comparison of Owning and Renting in Australia and Sweden, Jim Kemeny
  • The Meanings and Confusions of Weberian 'Rationality', Arnold Eisen
  • Max Weber's 'Interpretive Sociology': A Comparison of Conception and Practice, Mary Fulbrook
  • An Analysis of Weber's Work on Charisma, Thomas E Dow Jnr
  • Wealth and Family Background in the Occupational Career: Theory and Cross-Cultural Data, Jonathan Kelley
  • Transgenerational, 'Structured' Inequality: Social Fact or Fiction?, Bruce Headey, Tim O'Loughlin
  • On Phenomenology and 'Phenomenological' Sociology. A Reply to Edward G Armstrong, R E Best
  • Correspondence, Anthony Giddens

Review article

Author Title Reviewer
  The Prospects for Applied Sociology Martin Bulmer
P F Lazarsfeld, J G Reitz An Introduction to Applied Sociology Martin Bulmer
C H Weiss Using Social Research in Public Policy Making Martin Bulmer
E Crawford, N Perry Demands for Social Knowledge: The Role of Research Organisations Martin Bulmer
E Crawford, S Rokkan Sociological Praxis: Current Roles and Settings Martin Bulmer
M Komarovsky Sociology and Public Policy: The Case of the Presidential Commissions Martin Bulmer

Books reviewed

Pages 136-148

Author Title Reviewer
David C Thorns New Directions in Sociology Paul Filmer
J Skorupski Symbol and Theory: A Philosophical Study of Theories of Religion in Social Anthropology David Chaney
Roberto Mangabeira Unger Knowledge and Politics Gianfranco Poggi
Roberto Mangabeira Unger Law in Modern Society: Towards a Criticism of Social Theory Gianfranco Poggi
Irving Krauss Stratification, Class, and Conflict Andrew Tudor
Martin Bulmer Working-Class Images of Society H F Moorhouse
Howard Newby The Deferential Worker: A Study of Farm Workers in East Anglia H F Moorhouse
J M Steiner Power Politics and Social Change in National Socialist Germany John Fowler
Morris Janowitz Military Conflict--Essays in the Institutional Analysis of War and Peace Stanislav Andreski
Richard Baum Prelude to Revolution: Mao, the Party, and the Peasant Question, 1962-66 Leslie Sklair
Parris Chang Power and Policy in China Leslie Sklair
Ankie M M Hoogvelt The Sociology of Developing Societies Emanuel de Kadt
Theresa M McBride The Domestic Revolution: The Modernisation of Household Service in England and France 1820-1920 Anne Oakley