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Volume 28 No 4 December 1977

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  • Errata: Family Background, Education and Achievement: A Path Model of Earnings Determinants in the UK and Some Alternatives
  • The Return of the Sacred? The Argument on the Future of Religion, Daniel Bell
  • Sexual Stratification and Social Stratification, Betty R Scharf
  • Freud and the Centrality of Instincts in Psychoanalytic Sociology, R J Bocock
  • T H Green, The Oxford Philosophy of Duty and the English Middle Class, Craig Jenks
  • Capitalism and Individuation in the Sociology of Max Weber, Steven Seidman, Michael Gruber

Books reviewed

Pages 509-526

Author Title Reviewer
Paul Q Hirst Durkheim, Bernard and Epistemology Terry Johnson
W Baldamus The Structure of Sociological Inference Barry Hindess
Anthony Giddens New Rules of Sociological Method Barry Hindess
S I Benn, G W Mortimore Rationality and the Social Sciences: Contributions to the Philosophy and Methodology of the Social Sciences Eileen O'Keefe
Eugene Kamenka Nationalism. The Nature and Evolution of an Idea Ernest Gellner
Anthony D Smith Nationalist Movements Ernest Gellner
C G Pickvance Urban Sociology: Critical Essays David Triesman
James T Carey Sociology and Public Affairs: The Chicago School Roger O'Toole
Edward Shorter The Making of the Modern Family Olive Banks
Joseph R Gusfield Community: A Critical Response David Marsland
Ronald King School Organisation and Pupil Involvement: A Study of Secondary Schools Colin Lacey
Rachel Sharp, Anthony Green Education and Social Control: A Study in Progressive Primary Education Julia Evetts
P Hall, H Land, R Parker, A Webb Change, Choice and Conflict in Social Policy  
H Glennerster Social Service Budgets and Social Policy: British and American Experience  John Carrier
Richard Kieckhefer European Witch Trials, Their Foundations in Popular and Learned Culture 1300-1500 Alan Anderson
Peter Townsend Sociology and Social Policy D E G Plowman
Tom Lovett Adult Education, Development and the Working Class Caroline Cox
D Lane, G Kolankiewicz Social Groups in Polish Society Michalina Vaughan
Richard G Wilkinson Poverty and Progress Margaret Hardiman
Richard M Titmuss Commitment to Welfare L S
Emile Durkheim, Joseph Ward Swain The Elementary Forms of the Religious Left L S
Max Weber, Talcott Parsons The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism L S
Joseph A Schumpeter Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy L S