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Volume 28 No 2 June 1977


  • Changes in Urban Policing, Simon Holdaway
  • Worlds Apart: Notes on the Social Reality of Corruption, Steven Chibnall, Peter Saunders
  • The Material Requisites for Capitalism: A Cross Cultural Study, Sharon S Mayes
  • Social Context and Attitudes toward Coloured Immigrants, Donley T Studlar
  • The Educational and Vocational Aspirations of Asian Immigrant and English School-Leavers--A Comparative Study, Y P Gupta
  • The Social Structure of English Methodism: Eighteenth-Twentieth Centuries, Clive D Field
  • The Measurement of Traditionalism among Roman Catholic Priests: An Exploratory Study, M T V Reidy, L C White
  • Comment, Guy Oakes

Review article

Author Title Reviewer
  The Political Economy of the American Working Class Gavin Mackenzie
Harry Braverman Labour and Monopoly Capital: The Degradation of Work in the Twentieth Century Gavin Mackenzie

Books reviewed

Pages 253-267

Author Title Reviewer
Geoffrey Hawthorn Enlightenment and Despair: A History of Sociology Mark Mitchell
A Heath Rational Choice and Social Exchange Mary Farmer
Hermann Strasser The Normative Structure of Sociology: Conservative and Emancipatory Themes in Social Thought Phil Bacon
Peter M Blau Approaches to the Study of Social Structure Jiri Kolaja
Jennifer Platt Realities of Social Research Michael Phillipson
Nicos Poulantzas Classes in Contemporary Capitalism Michael Mann
Mark Poster Existential Marxism in Postwar France: From Sartre to Althusser Barry Smart
Martin Seliger Ideology and Politics John Scott
M Dogan The Mandarins of Western Europe: The Political Role of Top Civil Servants Michalina Vaughan
P Sheriff Career Patterns in the Higher Civil Service Michalina Vaughan
Andrew Pearse The Latin American Peasant M R Redclift
Richard Hyman Industrial Relations: A Marxist Introduction Theo Nichols
Serge Mallet The New Working Class Theo Nichols
Michael Rose Industrial Behaviour: Theoretical Development Since Taylor Bryn Jones
Andre Gorz The Division of Labour: The Labour Process and Class-Struggle in Modern Capitalism Bryn Jones