Volume 28 No 1 March 1977

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  • The Structuralist Critique of Weber's Sociology, Bryan S Turner
  • The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism: A Natural Scientific Critique, Peter Razzell
  • A Comparative Analysis of 'Paradigm' Proliferation,Nick Perry
  • The Occupational Community of East Anglian Fishermen: An Historical Dimension Through Oral Evidence, Trevor Lummis
  • Is Cultural Relativism Self-Refuting?, Keith Dixon
  • Criminological Theory: Its Ideology and Implications concerning Women, Carol Smart
  • Correspondence, Alan Swingewood

Books reviewed

Pages 102-118

Author Title Reviewer
John Westergaard, Henrietta Resler Class in a Capitalist Society: A Study of Contemporary Britain Frank Parkin
Christopher G A Bryant Sociology in Action Stephen Mennell
Fred E Katz Contemporary Sociological Theory Stephen Mennell
Daniel de Sousa Sociological Formalism and Structural-Functional Analysis Anthony D Smith
Marianne Weber, Harry Zohn Max Weber: A Biography Martin Albrow
H Mitteis, H F Orton The State in the Middle Ages. A Comparative Constitutional History of Feudal Europe Gianfranco Poggi
Alan Swingewood The Novel and Revolution Mary Evans
Will Wright Sixguns and Society: A Structural Study of the Western Barry King
C R Badcock Lévi-Strauss: Structuralism and Sociological Theory C E Ashworth
Robin Fox ASA Studies Vol I; Biosocial Anthropology J D Y Peel
Maurice Bloch ASA Studies Vol II: Marxist Analysis and Social Anthropology J D Y Peel
Roy Willis ASA Studies Vol III: The Interpretation of Symbolism J D Y Peel
Peter Abell Organizations as Bargaining and Influence Systems David Silverman
Stewart Clegg Power, Rule and Domination David Silverman
Amitai Etzioni A Comparative Analysis of Complex Organisations Bridget Pym
J David Edelstein, Malcolm Warner Comparative Union Democracy: Organisation and Opposition in British and American Unions Richard Hyman
Wallace Clement The Canadian Corporate Elite: An Analysis of Economic Power John L McMullan
Christopher Jencks Inequality: A Reassessment of the Effect of Family and Schooling in America Miriam E David
Lionel S Lewis Scaling the Ivory Tower: Merit and Its Limits in Academic Careers Michael Erbe