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Volume 27 No 4 December 1976

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  • Paternalism and Patronage, Nicholas Abercrombie; Stephen Hill
  • Bernstein's Sociology of the School--Some Propositions Tested, Ronald King
  • A Home for the Disabled: Marginality and Reality, Frank Musgrove
  • The Limits of the Sociology of Religion: A Critique of the Durkheimian Approach, Ivan Oliver
  • Meaning in Context: Notes towards a Critique of Ethnomethodology, Denis Gleeson; Michael Erben
  • The Ismailis: A Study of Community, Peter B. Clarke
  • 'Disenchantment of the World': Romanticism, Aesthetics and Sociological Theory, H. C. Greisman

Books reviewed

Pages 508-523

Author Title Reviewer
Gunter W. Remmling The Sociology of Karl Mannheim Christopher Middleton
T. W. Adorno The Positivist Dispute in German Sociology H. P. Rickman
R. Bogdan; S. J. Taylor Introduction to Qualitative Research Methods Martin Bulmer
J. M. Johnson Doing Field Research Martin Bulmer
H. L. Costner Sociological Methodology 1973-4 Martin Bulmer
James S. Coleman The Mathematics of Collective Action Peter Abell
Peter S. Albin The Analysis of Complex Socioeconomic Systems Peter Abell
Eliot Freidson; Judith Lorber Medical Men and Their Work: A Sociological Reader Anne Murcott
David Mechanic Politics, Medicine and Social Science Anne Murcott
J. E. T. Eldridge; A. D. Crombie A Sociology of Organisations Liz Spencer
D. Bradley; R. Wilkie The Concept of Organization Liz Spencer
P. M. Blau On the Nature of Organizations Liz Spencer
C. Argyris The Applicability of Organizational Sociology Liz Spencer
G. K. Prasad Bureaucracy in India: A Sociological Study Martin Albrow
Renate Mayntz; Fritz W. Scharpf Policy-Making in the German Federal Bureaucracy Martin Albrow
Dan Gowler; Karen Legge Managerial Stress Colin Fletcher
Peter Golding The Mass Media Jeremy Tunstall
D. H. J. Morgan Social Theory and the Family Colin Bell
Michelle Rosaldo; Z. Louise Lamphere Woman Culture and Society Parveen Adams
Peter Gibbon The Origins of Ulster Unionism John G. Taylor
Patrick Fridenson Histoire des Usines Renault, 1, Naissance de la Grande Entreprise 1898/1939 Scott Lash
K. Morioka Religion in Changing Japanese Society B. R. Scharf
James A. Beckford The Trumpet of Prophecy: A Sociological Study of Jehovah's Witnesses Roy Wallis