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Volume 27 No 2 June 1976

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  • Psychology, Sociology and Social Psychology: Bad Fences Make Bad Neighbours, W Peter Archibald
  • The Myth of Subject Choice, Peter Woods
  • The Irony of Organization: Resource and Regulatory, Susan E Eckstein
  • A Paradox of Social Order, J A Smyth
  • Social Dimensions of Occult Participation: The Gnostica Study, Patricia A Hartman
  • The Structure of Support in Social Movements: An Analysis of Organization and Resource Mobilization in the Youth Contra-Culture, George H Lewis
  • Sociology of Knowledge and the Sociology of Literature, John C Tulloch
  • Sociology and Literature, Trevor Noble
  • Anti-War Demonstrations and American Public Opinion on the War in Vietnam, E M Schreiber
  • Ideology, Racism and Black Political Culture, P-Kiven Tunteng
  • Comment, Edward G Armstrong
  • Correspondence, Peter Ekeh, Henry Lever, Peter Lambley, Brian V Street, Edmund Leach

Books reviewed

Pages 267-294

Author Title Reviewer
Perry Anderson Passages from Antiquity to Feudalism Bernice Martin
Perry Anderson Lineages of the Absolutist State Bernice Martin
Guy Rocher Talcott Parsons and American Sociology Anthony Giddens
W F S Pickering Durkheim on Religion: Selected Readings Bernice Martin
Robert A Nye The Origins of Crowd Psychology: Gustave Le Bon and the Crisis of Mass Democracy in the Third Republic George Gaskell
Russell Keat, John Urry Social Theory as Science Tony Charles
Julienne Ford Paradigms and Fairy Tales: An Introduction to the Science of Meanings John Scott
Gerald Studdert-Kennedy Evidence and Explanation in Social Science: An Interdisciplinary Approach John Scott
Bhikhu Parekh The Concept of Socialism David Lane
E Buchholz, R Hartmann, J Lekschas, G Stiller, Ewald Osers Socialist Criminology: Theories and Methodology Ian Taylor
W G Beasley Modern Japan: Aspects of History, Literature and Society R P Dore
T Yazaki Social Change and the City in Japan: From Earliest Times Through the Industrial Revolution R P Dore
Paul A Cohen Between Tradition and Modernity: Wang Tao and Reform in Late Ch'ing China Soo Ming Wo
Peter Worsley Inside China Leslie Sklair
Joan Robinson Economic Management in China Leslie Sklair
Ivor Crew The Politics of Race: British Political Sociology Yearbook Michael Banton
Geoffrey Pearson The Deviant Imagination: Psychiatry, Social Work and Social Change Brian Hipkin
Roger Hood Crime, Criminology and Public Policy: Essays in Honour of Sir Leon Radzinowicz Ian Taylor
F J W Miller, S D M Court, E G Knox, S Brandon The School Years in Newcastle upon Tyne J W B Douglas
Denis Lawton Class, Culture and the Curriculum A J M Mair
James L Wood The Sources of American Student Activism Ross A McLeod
Donald I Warren Black Neighbourhood: An Assessment of Community Power Robert Moore
Alan Armstrong Stability and Change in an English County Town: A Social Study of York 1801-51 R E Pahl
Marion Kilson African Urban Kinsmen: The Ga of Central Accra Michael Banton
John Davis Choice and Change: Essays in Honour of Lucy Mair Edmund Leach
P C Lloyd Power and Independence: Urban Africans' Perception of Social Inequality J D Y Peel
Patrick Cole Traditional and Modern Elites in the Politics of Lagos J D Y Peel
Michael Moran The Union of Post Office Workers: A Study in Political Sociology V L Allen
P L Stewart, M G Cantor Varieties of Work Experience M J Hill
David Dunkerly The Foreman: Aspects of Task and Structure Stephen Hill