Volume 27 No 1 March 1976

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  • Urban Life in Pre-Colonial North Africa, F Stambouli, A Zghal
  • Subjective Conditions and Revolutionary Conflict: Some Remarks, J M Maravall
  • Alienation: Trying to Bridge the Chasm, Claude S Fischer
  • An Outline of a Weberian Analysis of Class with Particular Reference to the Middle Class and the NSDAP in Weimar Germany, Birgit Jensen-Butler
  • Secondary Schools and Ivy League Letters: A Comparative Replication of Eggleston's 'Oxbridge Blues', Jack W Berryman, John W Loy
  • Consciousness and Contradiction: A Study of Student Protest in Zambia, Michael Burawoy

Books reviewed

Pages 99-113

Author Title Reviewer
G Balandier Gurvitch Michalina Vaughan
Hilary Henson British Social Anthropologists and Language. A History of Separate Development Deirdre Wilson
James A Boon From Symbolism to Structuralism: Lévi-Strauss in a Literary Tradition Deirdre Wilson
Stanley L Engerman, Eugene D Genovese Race and Slavery in the Western Hemisphere: Quantitative Studies Colin Crouch
Michael Argyle, Benjamin Beit-Hallahmi The Social Psychology of Religion Joan Brothers
Hugh McLeod Class and Religion in the Late Victorian City John Whitworth
J A Hostetler Hutterite Society Barry Shenker
Ian Taylor, Paul Walton, Jock Young Critical Criminology Jenny Mellor
Gerry Stimson, Barbara Webb Going to See the Doctor: The Consultation Process in General Practice Susan Budd
Theodore B Johannis Jr, C Neil Bull Sociology of Leisure Eric Dunning
Janet Wolff Hermeneutic Philosophy and the Sociology of Art Diana Laurenson
Lucien Goldmann, Alan Sheridan Towards a Sociology of the Novel Alan Swingewood
Joel S Savishinsky The Trail of the Hare: Life and Stress in an Arctic Community David Riches
Earl Hopper, Marilyn Osborn Adult Students: Education, Selection and Social Control R K Kelsall
Graeme C Moodie, Rowland Eustace Power and Authority in British Universities Stephen Hatch
B R Wilson Education, Equality and Society Michalina Vaughan
Royston Lambert The Chance of a Lifetime? A Study of Boarding Education Anne Poole
Ann Oakley The Sociology of Housework Daphne Phillips
Alec Barbrook Patterns of Political Behaviour Eileen Wormald
Richard Rose The Problem of Party Government W L Guttsman