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Volume 26 No 3 September 1975

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  • Maurice Freedman, 1920-1975, Donald G MacRae
  • Sex Discrimination among University Teachers: A British-American Comparison, Tessa Blackstone, Oliver Fulton
  • Urban Sociology in an Urbanized Society, Rosemary Mellor
  • A Classificatory Scheme for Occupations, D Knights
  • Social Characteristics of an Élite-in-Formation: The Case of Nigerian University Students, James O'Connell, Paul A Beckett
  • Reliance on Formal Written Law, and Freedom and Social Control in the United States and the People's Republic of China, Harold E Pepinsky
  • The Committed: Preliminary Reflections on the Impact of the Kibbutz Socialization Pattern on Adolescents, R Kahane
  • Kuhn, Paradigms and Sociology, Christopher G A Bryant
  • Comment, Roy Wallis

Books reviewed

Pages 364-388

Author Title Reviewer
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John O'Neill Making Sense Together: An Introduction to Wild Sociology Roy Wallis
John Owen L T Hobhouse: Sociologist B R Scharf
Emile Durkheim Moral Education: A Study in the Theory adn Application of the Sociology of Education W S F Pickering
Robert N Bellah Emile Durkheim on Morality and Society W S F Pickering
David Berry Central Ideas in Sociology-An Introduction Beryl Wright
Michael Lessnoff The Structure of Social Science: A Philosophical Introduction Eileen Barker
Barry Barnes Scientific Knowledge and Sociological Theory Eileen Barker
H M Blalock Measurement in the Social Sciences: Theories and Strategies Tony Coxon
René König Handbuch der empirischen Sozialforschung Gianfranco Poggi
J H M Beattie, R G Lienhardt Studies in Social Anthropology: Essays in Memory of E E Evans-Pritchard by His Former Oxford Colleagues Lucy Mair
Brian V Street The Savage in Literature: Representations of 'Primitive' Society in English Fiction 1858-1920 Edmund Leach
David Field Social Psychology for Sociologists A D Jones
Robert Bierstedt Power and Progress: Essays on Sociological Theory Bryan S Turner
Joseph Lopreato, Lionel S Lewis Social Stratification: A Reader Colin Crouch
Norman Cohn Europe's Inner Demons Christopher Hill
J M Whitworth God's Blueprints: A Sociological Study of Three Utopian Sects Susan Budd
David Butler, Donald Stokes Political Change in Britain: The Evolution of Electoral Choice Ivor Crewe
Philip Stanworth, Anthony Giddens Elites and Power in British Society P M Bacon
Elizabeth Ann Weinberg The Development of Sociology in the Soviet Union Julius Gould
Sharon Zukin Beyond Marx and Tito: Theory and Practice in Yugoslav Socialism David McLellan
Ken Young Essays on the Study of Urban Politics R E Pahl
Margaret Stacey, Eric Batstone, Colin Bell, Anne Murcott Power, Persistence and Change. A Second Study of Banbury Peter Collison
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Sal P Restivo, Christopher K Vanderpool Comparative Studies in Science and Society R D Whitley
Thomas Acton Gypsy Politics and Social Change: The Development of Ethnic Ideology and Pressure Politics among British Gypsies from Victorian Reformism to Romani Nationalism Stephen Hatch
Alasdair Clayre Work and Play: Ideas and Experience of Work and Leisure Eric Dunning
Joffre Dumazedier Sociology of Leisure Eric Dunning