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Volume 25 No 2 June 1974


  • The Meaning of Feuerbach: The Hobhouse Memorial Lecture, 1974, A D Galloway
  • On the Social Organization of American Sociology, William C Yoels
  • The Collective Historical Subject: Reflections on Lukàcs' History and Class Consciousness, Paul Connerton
  • Party Images and Partisanship among Young Englishmen, Elia T Zureik
  • The Young Sociologist: Some Factors Involved in Entry to the Academic World, David Webb
  • Four Themes in the Sociology of Leisure, Rhona Rapoport, Robert N Rapoport
  • Islam, Capitalism and the Weber Theses, Bryan S Turner

Review article

Author Title Reviewer
  Some Neglected Problems of Sociological Research Martin Bulmer
D L Phillips Knowledge from What? Theories and Methods in Social Research Martin Bulmer
D L Phillips Abandoning Method Martin Bulmer
I Deutscher What We Say/What We Do: Sentiments and Acts Martin Bulmer
R H Wax Doing Fieldwork: Warnings and Advice Martin Bulmer
R W Habenstein Pathways to Data: Field Methods for Studying Ongoing Social Organisations Martin Bulmer
J Vansina Oral Tradition Martin Bulmer
D P Warwick, S Osherson Comparative Research Methods Martin Bulmer
M Armer, A D Grimshaw Comparative Social Research: Methodological Problems and Strategies Martin Bulmer

Books reviewed

Pages 252-268

Author Title Reviewer
Stephen Castles, Godula Kosack Immigrant Workers and Class Structure in Western Europe John Rex
R Dore British Factory--Japanese Factory: The Origins of National Diversity in Industrial Relations Norman Ashton
Bryan R Wilson Magic and the Millennium J D Y Peel
Alvin W Gouldner For Sociology: Renewal and Critique in Sociology Today Keith Dixon
Harold J Bershady Ideology and Social Knowledge P Q Hirst
Judith Willer, David Willer Systematic Empiricism: Critique of a Pseudo-Science Farhat Ghaem-Maghami
Leslie Sklair Organised Knowledge H M Collins
Stanley Cohen, Jock Young The Manufacture of News: Deviants, Social Problems and the Mass Media Malcolm Warner
H J Dyos, Michael Wolff The Victorian City: Images and Realities Gareth Stedman Jones
D V Glass Numbering the People Peter Laslett
Paul Rock Making People Pay Mike Hepworth
Talal Asad Anthropology and the Colonial Encounter Keith Hart
Jessie Bernard The Future of Marriage Daphne Phillips
Michael Mann Consciousness and Action among the Western Working Class C W Chamberlain
Louis Blom-Cooper, Gavin Drewry Final Appeal: A Study of the House of Lords in Its Judicial Capacity Michael Zander