Volume 25 No 1 March 1974

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  • Hermann Mannheim, 1889-1974, T M
  • Edward Shils on Consensus: An Appreciation and Critique, James D Stolzman
  • Cultic Aspects of Sociology: A Speculative Essay, Richard J Martin
  • Academic Freedom and Higher Education in England, M J Harrison, Keith Weightman
  • Some Social-Psychological Dimensions of Social Change in a Turkish Village, Deniz Kandiyoti
  • The Persistence of Rites of Passage: Towards an Explanation, W S F Pickering
  • The Association between Divorce and Social Class in England and Wales, Colin Gibson
  • Social Implications of a Bilingual Policy, with Particular Reference to Wales, Roisin Pill

Books reviewed

Pages 108-133

Author Title Reviewer
Anthony Giddens The Class Structure of the Advanced Societies W G Runciman
Martin Jay The Dialectical Imagination. A History of the Frankfurt School and the Institute of Social Research 1923-1950 Geoffrey Pearson
The Frankfurt Institute for Social Research Aspects of Sociology Geoffrey Pearson
M Horkheimer, T W Adorno, J Cumming Dialectic of Enlightenment Geoffrey Pearson
Robert Brown Rules and Laws in Sociology Richard Scase
Paul Rock Deviant Behaviour Peter K Manning
Michael Hill A Sociology of Religion Allan W Eister
Henri Desroche Jacob and the Angels: An Essay in Sociologies of Religion
Kenneth Jones
Joan Brothers Religious Institutions G K Nelson
Roderick Martin, R H Fryer Redundancy and Paternalist Capitalism: A Study in the Sociology of Work Frank Bechhofer
Michael Mann Workers on the Move S R Parker
Gavin Mackenzie The Aristocracy of Labor: The Position of Skilled Craftsmen in the American Class Structure Irene Hordley
Harold L Sheppard, Neal Q Herrick Where Have All the Robots Gone? Worker Dissatisfaction in the 70s P G Hollowell
José Harris Unemployment and Politics: A Study in English Social Policy 1886-1914 Paul Thompson
B C J Lievegoed, J Collis The Developing Organization Dennis Warwick
M D Shipman The Limitations of Social Research John Wakeford
Peter A Clark Action Research and Organizational Change Barry A Turner
P Halmos The Sociology of Science Michael Hornsby-Smith
D S L Cardwell The Organisation of Science in England R D Whitley
Ciba Foundation Civilization and Science: In Conflict or Collaboration? R D Whitley
Michael A Smith, Stanley Parker, Cyril S Smith Leisure and Society in Britain Peter H Mann
Benjamin W Heineman, Jr The Politics of the Powerless: A Study of the Campaign against Racial Discrimination Daniel Lawrence
James B Rule Private Lives and Public Surveillance Paul Wiles
Albert J Reiss, Jr The Police and the Public J P Martin
Pierre van den Berghe Intergroup Relations: Sociological Perspectives Robert Moore
Gerald R Grace Role Conflict and the Teacher K Gokulsing
Elliot A Krause The Sociology of Occupations Derek Layder
James Littlejohn Social Stratification: An Introduction Robert Chester
Paul Barker A Sociological Portrait Jennifer Platt
Denis McQuail Sociology of Mass Communications: Selected Readings Philip Schlesinger
Peter Worsley Problems of Modern Society R E Pahl
Jean Duvignaud The Sociology of Art Frances Rust