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Volume 23 No 2 June 1972


  • Interpretations of Suicide, Peter Cresswell
  • Social Structure and Homosexuality: A Theoretical Appraisal, A E Ashworth, W M Walker
  • Some Problems in the Study of Occupational Prestige with an Illustration from Israel, Ephraim Yuchtman, Gideon Fishelson
  • Value Theory: Towards Conceptual Clarification, Pat Duffy Hutcheon
  • The Politics of the Knowable The Relationship between Intellectual and Social Factors in Student Dissent, Roger Holmes
  • 'Industrial Man': A Reassessment with English and Swedish Data, Richard Scase
  • The Prison Welfare Officer--A Case of Role Strain, Philip Priestley

Research note

  • Factors Underlying Change in the South African General Election of 1970, H Lever

Books reviewed

Pages 245-261

Author Title Reviewer
Dick Atkinson Orthodox Consensus and Radical Alternative: A Study in Sociological Theory Jennifer Mellor
Alvin W Gouldner More Notes on Sociology's Coming Crisis John Urry
Reinhard Bendix, Guenther Roth Scholarship and Partisanship: Essays on Max Weber Gianfranco Poggi
Jock Young The Drugtakers: The Social Meaning of Drug Use Mary McIntosh
S Cohen Images of Deviance R A Carr-Hill
Anselm L Strauss Professions, Work and Careers Paul Halmos
George Dalton Economic Anthropology and Development: Essays on Tribal and Peasant Economies Percy S Cohen
Tessa Blackstone A Fair Start: The Provision of Pre-school Education R G Jobling
Colin Lacey Hightown Grammar: The School as a Social System Bernice Martin
C Campbell Toward a Sociology of Irreligion Susan Budd
Michael J Hill, Ruth M Issacharoff Community Action and Race Relations: A Study of Community Relations Committees in Britain K Newton
Ernest Krausz Ethnic Minorities in Britain Robin Oakley
Alan Stuart, Maurice G Kendall, George Udny Yule Statistical Papers of George Udny Yule E Grebenik
Vladimir V Kusin The Intellectual Origins of the Prague Spring: The Development of Reformist Ideas in Czechoslovakia Ernest Gellnerer
Maria Ossowska Social Determinants of Moral Ideas H P Rickman
Stanislaw Kozyr-Kowalski Max Weber a Karol Marks. Socjologia Maxa Webera jako 'Pozytywna Krytyka Materializmu Historycznego' (Max Weber and Karl Marx: The Sociology of Max Weber as a 'Positive Critique of Historical Materialism') Michalina Vaughan