Volume 23 No 1 March 1972


  • Structured Imbalances of Gratification: The Case of the Caribbean Mating System, Morris Freilich, Lewis A Coser
  • Toward a Reconstruction of Voluntary Association Theory, Jack C Ross
  • Islam, Society and Political Behaviour: Some Comparative Implications of the Malay Case, Clive S Kessler
  • Class Theory and Practice, Aubrey Weinberg, Frank Lyons
  • Trends in British Governmental Bureaucratization and Sub-Bureaucratization, Paul K Mackal
  • Survey Data and Social Policy, Jennifer Platt
  • Only One Sociology, Harold Fallding
  • A Dissenting View on the Scientific Ethos, Robert A Rothman

Review article

Author Title Reviewer
  Witchcraft Lucy Mair
E W Monter European Witchcraft Lucy Mair
M A Murray The God of the Witches Lucy Mair
Mary Douglas Witchcraft Confessions and Accusations Lucy Mair
Alan Macfarlane Witchcraft in Tudor and Stuart England Lucy Mair
Keith Thomas Religion and the Decline of Magic Lucy Mair
Alan Harwood Witchcraft, Sorcery and Social Categories among the Safwa Lucy Mair
M Marwick Witchcraft and Sorcery Lucy Mair

Books reviewed

Pages 117-132

Author Title Reviewer
J D Y Peel Herbert Spencer: The Evolution of a Sociologist Ronald Fletcher
Jack D Douglas Understanding Everyday Life: Toward the Reconstruction of Sociological Knowledge Maurice Roche
Barney G Glaser, Anselm L Strauss Status Passage Ken Plummer
Elie Kedourie Nationalism in Asia and Africa Ernest Gellner
Francis Hsu Kinship and Culture Rodney Needham
Joan Abbott Student Life in a Class Society Frank Musgrove
Malcolm Bradbury The Social Context of Modern English Literature Alan Swingewood
Ralph H Turner Family Interaction Colin Bell
Katherine Elliott The Family and Its Future Marion P Crawford
Victor Turner Colonialism in Africa 1870-1960; Vol III, Profiles of Change: African Society and Colonial Rule J D Y Peel
Robert Roberts The Classic Slum: Salford Life in the First Quarter of the Century Peter Marris
Thomas L Burton Recreation Research and Planning Ethene B Woldman
Lynette Shaw, Herbert Sichel Accident Proneness: Research in the Occurrence, Causation and Prevention of Road Accidents H Laurence Ross
H J Walls, A R Brownlie Drink, Drugs and Driving H Laurence Ross