Volume 21 No 1 March 1970

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  • The Sociology of Science and Technology, Stephen Cotgrove
  • The Working-Class Vote in Chile: Christian Democracy versus Marxism, Maurice Zeitlin, James Petras
  • The Fate of the 'Functional Requisites' in Parsonian Sociology, Leslie Sklair
  • Ideology and Sociology in the USSR, David Lane
  • Divination and Face-Work, Robert W Wyllie
  • Censorship, Social Control and Socialization, Alan Segal
  • The Social Composition of the Royal Economic Society and the Beginnings of the British Economics 'Profession', 1890-1915, A W Coats, S E Coats
  • Dualism in Secondary Technical Education, P J Kemeny
  • In Defence of Sociology: A Reply to Some Contemporary Philosophical Criticisms, Christopher G A Bryant

Books reviewed

Pages 108-121

Author Title Reviewer
Julien Freund The Sociology of Max Weber Julian Nagel
S Andreski Herbert Spencer, the Principles of Sociology J D Y Peel
E V Walter Terror and Resistance: A Study of Political Violence Z Barbu
John Bowlby Attachment and Loss, Volume I: Attachment Anthony Giddens
Elisabeth T Crawford, Albert D Biderman Social Scientists and International Affairs: A Case for a Sociology of Social Science Leslie Sklair
Gideon Sjoberg Ethics, Politics and Social Research Leslie Sklair
Marvin Harris The Rise of Anthropological Theory Peter Loizos
Ernest Krausz Sociology in Britain: A Survey of Research G Duncan Mitchell
Stein Rokkan Comparative Research across Cultures and Nations Andrew Tudor
Clifford R Shaw, Henry D McKay Juvenile Delinquency and Urban Areas P E Rock
Alfred de Grazia, Rollo Handy, E C Harwood, Paul Kurtz The Behavioural Sciences: Essays in Honour of George A Lundberg Peter Abell
Ronald Fraser Work: Twenty Personal Accounts John Crutchley
Joe Kelly Is Scientific Management Possible? David Podmore
Joe Kelly Organizational Behaviour David Podmore
R A Soloway Prelates and People--Ecclesiastical Social Thought in England, 1783-1852 E R Wickham
Noel Timms A Sociological Approach to Social Problems E T Ashton