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Volume 20 No 4 December 1969


  • Class Stratification in Socialist Societies, Frank Parkin
  • Erratum: A Sociological Study of Authorship
  • A Response to Marginality: The Case of Migrant Farm Workers, Dorothy Nelkin
  • The Theme of Contemporary Social Movements, Ralph H Turner
  • Role Distance, Role Distance Behaviour and Jazz Musicians, Robert A Stebbins
  • The Afrikaners as an Emergent Minority, Drew Archibald
  • Folk Music and the American Left: A Generational-Ideological Comparison, R Serge Denisoff

Research note

  • Community Care-A Study of the Psychiatric Morbidity of a Salvation Army Hostel, B Crossley, J C Denmark
  • Culture and British Economic Growth: A Comment, Ernest Rudd
  • A Reply to Dr Rudd's Comment, Michael Burrage

Books reviewed

Pages 454-470

Author Title Reviewer
Paul F Lazarsfeld The Uses of Sociology T S Simey
Peter L Berger The Social Reality of Religion David Martin
Geoffrey Moorhouse Against All Reason Michael Hill
George Woodcock, Ivan Avakumovic The Doukhobors John Whitworth
Herbert J Gans People and Plans: Essays on Urban Problems and Solutions R E Pahl
Gerald Breese The City in Newly Developing Countries: Readings on Urbanism and Urbanization Bryan Roberts
G Duncan Mitchell A Dictionary of Sociology R K Kelsall
G D Mitchell A Hundred Years of Sociology Bridget Pym
K Peter Etzkorn Georg Simmel: The Conflict in Modern Culture and Other Essays M C Albrow
E J Hobsbawm Industry and Empire: An Economic History of Britain Since 1750 Alan Dawe
George W Stocking, Jr Race, Culture and Evolution: Essays in the History of Anthropology Donald G MacRae
V N George Social Security: Beveridge and after Peter S George
A F Young Social Services in British Industry Randall Smith
Anthony Forder Penelope Hall's Social Services of England and Wales Margot Jefferys
A V S Lochhead A Reader in Social Administration Randall Smith
T H Bishop Winchester and the Public School Elite: A Statistical Analysis Frances Rust
Government Social Survey Work Place Industrial Relations R M Blackburn