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Volume 20 No 3 September 1969


  • 'Reason' and 'Reasonableness' in Seventeenth-Century England, Christopher Hill
  • What Is Structuralism?, W G Runciman
  • The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Socialism, Thelma McCormack
  • The Definition of Organizational Goals, Edward Gross
  • The Social and Educational Background of Anglican Bishops--Continuities and Changes, D H J Morgan
  • A Sociological Study of Authorship, D F Laurenson

Review article

Author Title Reviewer
  Knowledge for What? The Camelot Legacy: The Dangers of Sponsored Research in the Social Sciences  
I L Horowitz The Rise and Fall of Project Camelot: Studies in the Relationship between Social Sciences and Practical Politics A L Madian, A N Oppenheim

Books reviewed

Pages 337-353

Author Title Reviewer
Seymour M Lipset, Stein Rokkan Party Systems and Voter Alignments: Cross-National Perspectives Richard Rose
R T McKenzie, Allan Silver Angels in Marble: Working Class Conservatives in Urban England Frank Parkin
J D Y Peel Aladura: A Religious Movement among the Yoruba P C Lloyd
Peter F Rudge Ministry and Management Michael Hill
H Kent Geiger The Family in Soviet Russia Colin Bell
Claire Russell, W M S Russell Violence, Monkeys, and Man Krishnan Kumar
Ceri Peach West Indian Migration to Britain: A Social Geography Alison MacEwen
Sheila Patterson Immigrants in Industry Alison MacEwen
R N Morris Urban Sociology J H Westergaard
H W Pfautz Charles Booth on the City: Physical Pattern and Social Structure J H Westergaard
W A C Stewart The Educational Innovators: Vol 2, Progressive Schools 1881-1967 Michael F D Young
William Taylor Society and the Education of Teachers Robert Pinker
Ernest Rudd, Stephen Hatch Graduate Study and after John Mays
Ken Coates, Richard Silburn St Anns: Poverty, Deprivation and Morale in a Nottingham Community D T H Weir
Hilary Rose The Housing Problem Shirley Linden
Vytautas Kavolis Artistic Expression: A Sociological Analysis N Upfold
James G Kellas Modern Scotland: The Nation Since 1870 John Highet
Joseph C Hough, Jr Black Power and White Protestants: A Christian Response to the New Negro Pluralism R S Moore
Nils Christie Scandinavian Studies in Criminology: Vol 2, Aspects of Social Control in Welfare States S Cohen