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Volume 2 No 4 December 1951


  • The Distribution of Power in Nationalized Industries, J H Smith, T E Chester
  • Symbols of Class Status, Erving Goffman 
  • The Komsomol and the Hitler Jugend, Julius Gould
  • Some Characteristics of an East African European Population, Cyril Sofer, Rhona Ross
  • Bilingualism and Cultural Marginality, Ralph Pieris
  • Student Selection-An Experimental Investigation: III, Hilde T Himmelweit, Arthur Summerfield
  • Human Relations in Industry-A Discussion of Recent Literature, F M Martin

Books reviewed

Pages 360-37

Author Title Reviewer
L T Hobhouse Morals in Evolution G C Field
Michael Polanyi The Logic of Liberty Ernest Gellner
Raymond Firth Elements of Social Organization T H Marshall
E E Evans-Pritchard Social Anthropology A R Radcliffe-Brown
George Peter Murdock Social Structure F Steiner
R M MacIver; Charles H Page Society: An Introductory Analysis D G MacRae
K G Collier The Science of Humanity J M Mogey
R J Forbes Man the Maker H T Pledge
Mark Abrams Social Surveys and Social Action C A Moser
Robert K Merton; Paul F Lazarsfeld Continuities in Social Research Bertram Hutchinson
Lena M Jeger Illegitimate Children and Their Parents Christine Cockburn
John Highet Dumfries Speaks Out: A Report of a Public Opinion and Habits Survey, etc D G MacRae
E G Reichmann Hostages of Civilization Julius Gould
Erich Egner Wirtschaftliche Raumordnung in der Industriellen Welt Alan T Peacock
A Arakelian, Ellsworth L Raymond Industrial Management in the U S S R B C Roberts
Joseph Wortis Soviet Psychiatry J Ackoff
Theo R Crevenna Materiales Para el Estudio de la Clase Media en la America Latina B R Wilson
Alfred W Bowers Mandan Social and Ceremonial Organization E Colson
Colston Papers Principles and Methods of Colonial Administration Julian R Friedman
Daniel Lerner Propaganda in War and Crisis H J Eysenck

Book notes

Author Title Reviewer
Joan Dray, David Jordan A Handbook of Social Studies J P Carruthers
  Economics of Book Publishing: Planning D G MacRae