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Volume 2 No 2 June 1951

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  • Research as a Social Process: Social Status, Specialism, and Technological Advance in Great Britain, R L Meier
  • Youth, Culture and Social Structure in Israel, S N Eisenstadt 
  • Colour Values in Jamaican Society, Fernando Henriques 
  • The Changing Social Structure of the British Political Élite, 1886-1935, W L Guttsman
  • Cybernetics and Social Science, Donald G Macrae
  • Social Status and Social Structure: A Re-Examination of Data and Interpretations: I, Seymour M Lipset, Reinhard Bendix

Books reviewed

Pages 169-182

Author Title Reviewer
S F Nadel The Foundations of Social Anthropology V Gordon Childe
Richard Thurnwald Beitrāge zur Gesellungs- und Völkerwissenschaft I Schapera
G D H Cole Essays in Social Theory J Gould
L S Marshall The Development of Public Opinion in Manchester, 1780-1820 Asa Briggs
G W Allport, J Cohen, H V Dicks, H J Eysenck, J C Flugel,
Hilde Himmelweit, Madeline Kerr, T H Pear, L F Richardson
Psychological Factors of Peace and War R W Pickford
E F M Durbin, John Bowlby Personal Aggressiveness and War R W Pickford
Cherry Morris Social Case Work in Great Britain R Chambers
Leo Page The Young Lag Hermann Mannheim
Bryan H Reed Eighty Thousand Adolescents Netta Glass
Alex Comfort Authority and Delinquency in the Modern State B R Hinchliff
Alex Comfort Sexual Behaviour in Society B R Hinchliff
E H Carr Studies in Revolution W Pickles
S B Chrimes The General Election in Glasgow, February, 1950 R T McKenzie
G W Keeton, G Schwarzenberger Current Legal Problems, 1950 C Grunfeld