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Volume 15 No 3 September 1964


  • Passatella: An Economic Game, J Davis
  • From Sect to Denomination in English Quakerism, with Special Reference to the Nineteenth Century, Elizabeth Allo Isichei
  • British Television--The Outlines of a Research Strategy, J G Blumler
  • The Executioner: His Place in English Society, Gerald D Robin
  • Dissensus, Situs and Egocentrism in Occupational Ranking, Joel E Gerstl, Lois K Cohen

Review article

Author Title Reviewer
  Education of Sociologists  
Elbridge Sibley The Education of Sociologists in the United States H Selvin

Books reviewed

Pages 267-279

Author Title Reviewer
Robert F Winch Identification and Its Familial Determinants Hannah Gavron
K S Inglis Churches and the Working Classes in Victorian England D A Martin
Graham Wootton The Politics of Influence; British Ex-Servicemen, Cabinet Decisions and Cultural Change (1917-1959) W L Guttsman
B N Varma A New Survey of the Social Sciences H G Martins
John G Peatman Introduction to Applied Statistics A R Ilersic
  Emerging Techniques in Population Research E Grebenik
E D Driver Differential Fertility in Central India E Grebenik
Fairfield Osborn Our Crowded Planet; Essays on the Pressure of Population E Grebenik
J N D Anderson Studies on Modern Asia and Africa: 2, Changing Law in Developing Countries O M Stone
Robbins Burling Rengsanggri; Family and Kinship in a Garo Village Audrey Hayley
Pedro Carrasco Land and Polity in Tibet R P Dore
Jose Luis De Imaz La Clase Alta de Buenos Aires M Clifford-Vaughan
Gino Germani Politica y Sociedad en una Epoca de Transicion--De la sociedad tradicional a la sociedad de masas H G Martins
Beatrice E Pollard Social Casework for the State R A Parker
  Children in Hospital; Studies in Planning R A Parker
H C Miller The Ageing Countryman: A Socio-Medical Report on Old Age in a Country Practice Rosalind Chambers
Kathleen Heasman Evangelicals in Action Rosalind Chambers
Creighton Burns The Tait Case L J Blom-Cooper

Book notes

Author Title Reviewer
George Z F Bereday, Joseph A Lauwerys The Year Book of Education, 1963: The Education and Training of Teacher