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Volume 15 No 2 June 1964

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  • Anthropological Perspectives in Sociology, Michael Banton
  • The Ghana Workers Brigade: A Project for Unemployed Youth, Peter Hodge
  • Psychotherapeutic Aspects of Pentecostal Sects among West Indian Immigrants to England, Ari Kiev
  • From Sect to Church in British Methodism, John H Chamberlayne
  • Poverty in Australia-The Evidence, R G Brown
  • The Differences in an English and an American Rating of the Prestige of Occupations: A Reconsideration of Montague and Pustilnik's Study, J Clyde Mitchell

Books reviewed

Pages 174-185

Author Title Reviewer
B S Sanyal Culture: An Introduction F R Cowell
Albert Salomon In Praise of Enlightenment Elie Kedourie
F A Wells, W A Warmington Studies in Industrialization: Nigeria and the Cameroons V L Allen
J A Banks Industrial Participation (Theory and Practice: A Case Study) R G Stansfield
Alvin W Gouldner, Richard A Peterson Notes on Technology and the Moral Order R G Stansfield
Peter Woll Administrative Law: The Informal Process S A De Smith
Kenn Rogers Managers--Personality and Performance M K Adler
Kedarnath Prasad Technological Choice under Development Planning Vera Anstey
Roger Wilson Difficult Housing Estates Christine Cockburn
J B Cullingworth Housing in Transition John Mays
Hortense Powdermaker Copper Town: Changing Africa J E Goldthorpe
James Littlejohn Westrigg: The Sociology of a Cheviot Parish W M Williams
E L Edmonds The School Inspector K G Collier
Christine Craig The Employment of Cambridge Graduates J G H Newfield
W R Fraser Education and Society in Modern France M Clifford-Vaughan
Murray Hausknecht The Joiners John Highet
William N Mcphee, William A Glaser Public Opinion and Congressional Elections D E G Plowman
R J Smith, R K Beardsley Japanese Culture: Its Development and Characteristics D G M