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Volume 14 No 3 September 1963


  • Conflict and Liberty: Some Remarks on the Social Structure of German Politics, Ralf Dahrendorf
  • Moral Beliefs of Young Workers: A Comparative Study, E M Eppel
  • Anthony Trollope: Historian and Sociologist, Margaret Hewitt
  • The Impact of Industrial Employment on the Position of Women in a Greek Country Town, Jane Lambiri
  • Social Origins of Officers in the Indian and British Home Army: 1758-1962, P E Razzell
  • Sociological Aspects of Negation, John W Thompson
  • Research Note: Sociology Graduate Students at the LSE, Emanuel J de Kadt

Books reviewed

Pages 281-304

Author Title Reviewer
W R Bion Experiences in Groups, and Other Papers Josephine Klein
Florence Rockwood Kluckhohn, Fred L Strodtbeck Variations in Value Orientations J R Fox
T B Bottomore Sociology: A Guide to Problems and Literature Duncan Mitchell
Robert Brown Explanation in Social Science Dorothy Emmet
Michael Oakeshott Rationalism in Politics and Other Essays John Plamenatz
Peter Laslett, W G Runciman Philosophy, Politics and Society: Second Series D D Raphael
G E G Catlin Systematic Politics Elementa Politica et Sociologica Graeme C Moodie
François Lafitte Social Policy in a Free Society Richard M Titmuss
Paul F Wendt Housing Policy: The Search for Solutions Christine Cockburn
P J Fitzgerald Criminal Law and Punishment Roger Warren Evans
Arthur Lewis Wood Crime and Aggression in Changing Ceylon Terence Morris
R D Fairn The Disinherited Prisoner Terence Morris
Ronald M Berndt Excess and Restraint: Social Control among a New Guinea Mountain People Paula Brown
T C N Gibbens Psychiatric Studies of Borstal Lads Barbara Wootton
James M Beshers Urban Social Structure Leonard Reissman
Hilda Jennings Societies in the Making. A Study of Development and Redevelopment within a County Borough Harold Pollins
D M Wilner The Housing Environment and Family Life--A Longitudinal Study of the Effects of Housing on Morbidity and Mental Health J B Cullingworth
Peter Willmott The Evolution of a Community: A Study of Dagenham after Forty Years J A Banks
Ernestine Friedl Vasilika: A Village in Modern Greece Jane Lambiri
W M Williams A West Country Village: Ashworthy. Family, Kinship and Land Duncan Mitchell
Alan R Beals Gopalpur A K Nazmul Karim
Melville J Herskovits The Human Factor in Changing Africa Lucy Mair
Prodosh Aich Farbige Unter Weissen John Alcock
Philip Mason Prospero's Magic: Some Thoughts on Class and Race John Harré
Denis P Barritt, Charles F Carter The Northern Ireland Problem. A Study in Group Relations John Highet

Book notes

Author Title Reviewer
Peter Heintz Eine systematische Anthologie Soziologie der Entwicklungsländer D G M
Jorge Mencias Riobamba (Ecuador). Estudio de elevacion socio-cultural del Indio M Clifford-Vaughan
Michael Oliver Social Purpose for Canada T H Marshall
Robert C Wood 1400 Governments P S
Tadashi Fukutake Man and Society in Japan R P Dore
Bernard J Siegel Biennial Review of Anthropology 1961 I Schapera
Neil Gordon Munro, B Z Seligman Ainu Creed and Cult F J Daniels
J L De Lannoy, G Perez Estructuras Demograficas y Sociales de Colombia M C-V
Walter Z Laqueur Young Germany: A History of the German Youth Movement D G M
C H Rolph Common Sense about Crime and Punishment J E Hall Williams