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Volume 13 No 4 December 1962

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  • Teaching in the Affluent Society, Jean Floud
  • The American Governing Class, Allen Potter
  • Political Leadership and the Late Victorian Public School, Rupert Wilkinson
  • Public Opinion and the Polls, D E G Plowman
  • The Local Elections in Newcastle-under-Lyme, May 1958: II, F Bealey, D J Bartholomew

Books reviewed

Pages 369-385

Author Title Reviewer
D Anthony Low, R Cranford Pratt Buganda and British Overrule 1900-1955 J E Goldthorpe
Maurice Freedman Lineage Organization in South East China Barbara E Ward
Sybille Van Der Sprenkel Legal Institutions in Manchu China Barbara E Ward
  Le régime et les institutions de la république populaire chinoise Maurice Freedman
Arnold M Rose Human Behaviour and Social Processes: An Interactionist Approach J A Banks
Horst Reimann, Klaus Kiefer Soziologie als Beruf Emanuel J De Kadt
Helmut Schelsky Ortsbestimmung der deutschen Soziologie Werner Stark
Peter Ludz Georg Lukács, Schriften zur Literatursoziologie ausgewählt und eingeleitet  Joyce Crick
J H Smith The University Teaching of the Social Sciences: Industrial Sociology W Campbell Balfour
S M Lipset Political Man; The Social Bases of Politics R T McKenzie
Bennett M Berger Working-Class Suburb: A Study of Autoworkers in Suburbia Roger Warren Evans
Jeremy Tunstall The Fishermen G W Horobin
James Harvey Young The Toadstool Millionaires John Burnett
Wilfred Brown Exploration in Management B N Seear
C Stella Davies A History of Macclesfield T C Barker
John St John Probation--The Second Chance Barbara Wootton
D V Donnison The Development of Social Administration D C Marsh