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Volume 12 No 4 December 1961


  • Family and Kin Ties in Britain and Their Social Implications: Introduction, Raymond Firth
  • Some Research Possibilities and Historical Materials for Family and Kinship Study in Britain, O R McGregor
  • Some Conceptual Problems in the Study of Family and Kin Ties in the British Isles, Lorraine Lancaster
  • Kinship and Crisis in South Wales, J B Loudon
  • 'Will More Mean Worse?': An Inquiry into the Effects of University Expansion, A N Little
  • The Educational and Geographical Background of Some Local Leaders, F Musgrove
  • Aspects of Westernization: A Study of Adult-Class Students in Ghana: I, Gustav Jahoda

Review article

Author Title Reviewer
  Mauritius at the Crossroads  
Richard M Titmuss, Brian Abel-Smith Social Policies and Population Growth in Mauritius Burton Benedict
J E Meade The Economic and Social Structure of Mauritius Burton Benedict

Books reviewed

Pages 392-393

Author Title Reviewer
W Montgomery Watt Islam and the Integration of Society Ernest Gellner