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Volume 11 No 4 December 1960


  • The Reaction against Positivism and Dilthey's Concept of Understanding, H P Rickman
  • Alfred Lewis Kroeber, 1876-1960, D G M
  • Some French Concepts of Élites, Michalina Clifford-Vaughan
  • Applied Anthropology and Social Change in the Teaching of Anthropology, Kenneth Little
  • Occupational Status, Job Satisfaction and Levels of Aspiration, N F Dufty
  • Managerial Unionism in the Coal Industry, Brian McCormick
  • A Note on Status, Mobility, and Anomie, Richard L Simpson

Review article

Author Title Reviewer
  The Image of the Social Worker Barbara Wootton
Edgar F Borgatta, David Fenshel, Henry J Meyer Social Workers' Perceptions of Clients Barbara Wootton
Lily Pincus Marriage: Studies in Emotional Conflict and Growth Barbara Wootton
Barbara N Rodgers, Julia Dixon Portrait of Social Work Barbara Wootton

Books reviewed

Pages 386-393

Author Title Reviewer
Alexander Busch Soziologie und moderne Gesellschaft Werner Stark
Luiz Donoso, Alejandro Zorbas Estado Actual de las Ciencias Sociales en Chile M C Vaughan
Lloyd P Gartner The Jewish Immigrant in England, 1870-1914 Maurice Freedman
Institute of Race Relations Coloured Immigrants in Britain Anthony H Richmon
Stanley M Elkins Slavery: A Problem in American Institutional and Intellectual Life D G Macrae
Benjamin Quarles, Frederick Douglas Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglas, an American Slave. Written by Himself D G Macrae
Julian H Steward, Louis C Faron Native Peoples of South America I Schapera
George Peter Murdock Africa: Its Peoples and Their Culture History I Schapera
Bernard J Siegel Biennial Review of Anthropology, 1959 I Schapera
Edward H Winter Beyond the Mountains of the Moon: The Lives of Four Africans I Schapera
Robert Briffault, G Rattray Taylor The Mothers M M Douglas
Audrey Richards Chisungu, a Girl's Initiation Ceremony among the Bemba of Northern Rhodesia M M Douglas
Colin Leys, Cranfield Pratt A New Deal in Central Africa Lucy Mair
D L Howard The English Prisons. Their Past and Future Terence Morris