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Volume 11 No 3 September 1960


  • Changing Attitudes of Students in West African Society toward Marriage and Family Relationships, T Peter Omari
  • British Town Planning: One Ideology or Three?, Donald L Foley
  • Currents of Change in American Race Relations, James Allen Moss
  • Methodological Individualism, Joseph Agassi

Research note

  • Language and Social Class, Basil Bernstein

Review article

Author Title Reviewer
V Gsovski, K Grzybowski Law and Society behind the Iron Curtain
Government, Law, and Courts in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe
Lord Chorley

Books reviewed

Pages 285-304

Author Title Reviewer
S I Benn, R S Peters Social Principles and the Democratic State H R G Greaves
Walter Goldschmidt Understanding Human Society Duncan Mitchell
Otto Kühne Allgemeine Soziologie W J H Sprott
Paul M Harrison Authority and Power in the Free Church Tradition Bryan Wilson
Alex Inkeles, Raymond A Bauer The Soviet Citizen. Daily Life in a Totalitarian Society Leonard Schapiro
Richard C Wade The Urban Frontier: The Rise of Western Cities, 1790-1830 Donald L Foley
Edgar M Hoover, Raymond Vernon Anatomy of a Metropolis: The Changing Distribution of People and Jobs within the New York Metropolitan Region Donald L Foley
W D Borrie The Cultural Integration of Immigrants Percy S Cohen
Audrey Richards East African Chiefs L P Mair
R Young, H A Fosbrooke Land and Politics among the Luguru of Tanganyika L P Mair
George A Lipsky Saudi Arabia, Its People, Its Society, Its Culture D C Watt
George L Harris Iraq. Its People, Its Society, Its Culture D C Watt
David J Stenby Cambodia. Its People, Its Society, Its Culture D C Watt
Frank A Pinner, Paul Jacob, Philip Selznick Old Age and Political Behaviour Rosalind Chambers
Gordon Trasler In Place of Parents L H Bell
Richard Cloward, Donald Cressey, George Grosser, Richard McCleery, Lloyd Ohlin, Gresham Sykes, Sheldon Messinger Theoretical Studies in the Social Organisation of the Prison T P Morris
Robert G Andry Delinquency and Parental Pathology Barbara Wootton
Jack H Curtis Social Psychology G Jahoda
Bjorn Christiansen Attitudes towards Foreign Affairs as a Function of Personality D C Watt
Jack Greenberg Race Relations and American Law Michael Banton
I C McGivering, D G J Matthews, W H Scott Management in Britain: A General Characterization S Hyman