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Volume 11 No 2 June 1960


  • Sociology and Management Studies, J H Smith
  • Islam and Social Stratification in Northern Nigeria, E R Yeld
  • Voluntary Unemployment and Unemployability in Jamaica with Special Reference to the Standard of Living, Elizabeth E Hoyt
  • Social Stratification and Political Élite, W L Guttsman
  • Scaling Social Status in Western Germany, Erwin K Scheuch, Dietrich Rüschemeyer

Books reviewed

Pages 169-191

Author Title Reviewer
C Wright Mills The Sociological Imagination Ronald Fletcher
Peter Winch The Idea of a Social Science Ernest Gellner
R S Peters Authority, Responsibility and Education Ronald Fletcher
Robert Bierstedt The Making of Society D G Macrae
Gottfried Eisermann Die Lehre von der Gesellschaft Werner Stark
Ralf Dahrendorf Class and Class Conflict in Industrial Society J A Banks
Neil J Smelser Social Change in the Industrial Revolution 1770-1840 H L Beales
Michael Lewis A Social History of the Navy 1793-1815 Norman Scarfe
Peter Opie, Iona Opie The Lore and Language of Schoolchildren Basil Bernstein
F J W Miller, S D M Court, W S Walton, E G Knox Growing up in Newcastle upon Tyne T Ferguson
C K Yang A Chinese Village in Early Communist Transition Maurice Freedman
Sheldon Glueck The Problem of Delinquency J E Hall Williams
Patrick Devlin The Criminal Prosecution in England J E Hall Williams
Floyd Hunter Top Leadership, USA J A Banks
H A Clegg A New Approach to Industrial Democracy W H Scott
Kate Liepmann Apprenticeship Gertrude Williams
Charlotte Erickson British Industrialists: Steel and Hosiery, 1850-1950 W Ashworth
T Brennan Reshaping a City John Mogey
Merle Curti The Making of an American Community, a Case Study of Democracy in a Frontier County Charlotte Erickson
Frederik Barth Political Leadership among Swat Pathans Ernest Gellner
Z P Dienes Concept Formation and Personality P E Vernon

Book notes

Author Title Reviewer
Oscar Handlin The Newcomers: Negroes and Puerto Ricans in a Changing Metropolis M B
Nevill Barbour A Survey of North West Africa E G
  Cartographic Study of the Economic and Demographic Structure of Western Europe  
R Coulborn The Origin of Civilized Societies D G M
Geoffrey Wheeler Racial Problems in Soviet Muslim Asia S V U
Maire Reay The Kuma. Freedom and Conformity in the New Guinea Highlands J A F
  Baumannville: A Study of an Urban African Community L P M