Volume 11 No 1 March 1960


  • What Is European Culture?, Leopold von Wiese
  • How Long Is a Generation?, Bennett M Berger
  • The Re-Organization of the Trade Union Congress, 1918-1927, V L Allen
  • Notes
  • Erratum: Status, Mobility and Anomie: A Study in Readiness for Desegregation
  • Genetics, Social Structure, Intelligence and Statistics, J W Thompson
  • Determinants of Support for Civil Liberties, Hanan C Selvin, Warren O Hagstrom

Review article

Author Title Reviewer
  The Relations of Race: A Review of New Writing Maurice Freedman
Jonathan Cape White and Coloured, the Behaviour of British People towards Coloured Immigrants Maurice Freedman
Clement E Vose Caucasians Only, the Supreme Court, the NAACP, and the Restrictive Covenant Cases Maurice Freedman
Francis L Broderick W E B DuBois, Negro Leader in a Time of Crisis Maurice Freedman
Edgar T Thompson, Everett C Hughes Race and Conscience in America, a Review Prepared for the American Friends Service Committee Maurice Freedman
  Race, Individual and Collective Behavior Maurice Freedman
Barbara Wootton Sociology and Social Pathology T H Marshall
Barbara Wootton Social Science and Social Pathology T H Marshall

Books reviewed

Pages 87-99

Author Title Reviewer
Morris Ginsberg Law and Opinion in England in the Twentieth Century Barbara Wootton
W K Jordan Philanthropy in England, 1480-1660 F J Fisher
R S Fitton, A P Wadsworth The Strutts and the Arkwrights 1758-1830: A Study of the Early Factory System D C Coleman
E Digby Baitzell Philadelphia Gentlemen, The Making of a National Upper Class Charlotte Erickson
H Mendras Les Paysans et la Modernisation de l'Agriculture Duncan Mitchell
E J Hobsbawm Primitive Rebels E H Carr
G Rudé The Crowd in the French Revolution E H Carr
Michael Argyle Religious Behaviour John Highet
Vera Norris Mental Illness in London K F Mcdougall
Marvin E Wolfgang Patterns in Criminal Homicide J E Hall Williams
Eleanor E Macoby, Theodore M Newcomb, Eugene L Hartley Readings in Social Psychology F E Emery
Earl Raab, Gertrude J Selznick Major Social Problems T S Simey
F C Mather Public Order in the Age of the Chartists T C Barker
Judith Djamour Malay Kinship and Marriage in Singapore J M Gullick
J N D Anderson Islamic Law in the Modern World Ernest Gellner
Samuel Goldberg Introduction to Difference Equations J Durbin

Book notes

Author Title Reviewer
Clarence D Long The Labor Force under Changing Income and Employment V L A
K Davis The World's Metropolitan Areas D G M
Bert F Hoselitz A Reader's Guide to the Social Sciences D G M
  Bibliografia Italiana Delle Scienze Sociali D G M
Nicolas Malleson The Matrix of Medicine: Some Social Aspects of Medical Practice J P M