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Volume 10 No 4 December 1959

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  • The Impact of National Service, T Ferguson, J Cunnison
  • Social Life in a Provincial University, Alice Eden
  • A Public Language: Some Sociological Implications of a Linguistic Form, Basil Bernstein
  • Some Psycho-Social Aspects of British Emigration to Australia, Alan Richardson
  • Motivation of a Totalitarian Mass Vote, Walter B Simon
  • Social Stratification and 'Right-Wing Extremism', Seymour M Lipset

Books reviewed

Pages 383-391

Author Title Reviewer
Norman Jacobs The Origin of Modern Capitalism and Eastern Asia E G Pulleyblank
Max Weber, Gerth, Martindale The Religion of India D Pocock
S K Srivastava The Tharus: A Study in Culture Dynamics Marian W Smith
David Crook, Isabel Crook Revolution in a Chinese Village, Ten Mile Inn Maurice Freedman
Werner Stark Social Theory and Christian Thought Ronald W Hepburn
George Godwin Crime and Social Action Hermann Mannheim
D V Donnison Welfare Services in a Canadian Community A J Willcocks
E L Trist, C Sofer Explorations in Group Relations Josephine Klein
D P Ausubel Drug Addiction: Physiological, Psychological and Sociological Aspects J P Martin
F Legros Clark Age and the Working Lives of Men Rosalind Chambers
A L Epstein Politics in an Urban African Community S N Eisenstadt
Hans Zeisel Say It with Figures K E Gales